Deal with Stress the Cheapest Way

Whenever you are surrounded by a flurry of activity, don't let things avalanche around you. Don't stress yourself,  just SMILE and go with the flow. You don't allow things ruin your day because it won't get you anywhere, you know what I mean? Just focus on important matters or if things are taking toll, you need to distress. For most people, commonly for girls, shopping is the best remedy. But what if you don't have the money?

Here are some ways on how you can deal with stress:

Listen to a good music. Get your ipod and wear your earphone. You can customize and put all your fave hits on your iPod. If you don't have an iPod, turn your radio on and switch radio stations. If you like, there are online music streaming websites that you can access 24/7. You may also want to get your favorite CD album and turn your player on.

Search your fridge and grab something to munch. Forget about the diet and eat your comfort foods til you satisfy yourself . When I am stressed, I go for sweets like chocolates and ice cream then I feel a lot better after. There are foods that are believed to fight stress like oatmeals, walnuts, oranges, cashews and avocados.

Find someone to talk with. A good company can make you smile and take all those stress hormone away. I personally love to talk with my family and friends.

Applicable only when you are home. I discovered that most people find peace of mind whenever they are at the bathroom, so do I. A cold shower could help get you a clear thought of things in your atmosphere.

Most BPO agents are familiar with power naps. A short nap would allow to restore your wakefulness and atleast load up your senses to be more productive and accurate towards your next activities.

Food Supplement
Be cautious when taking food supplements that claims to remove or lessen your stress. Make sure it is safe for your health and doesn't contain harmful elements like the food supplement I take as of the moment which I made a review HERE.


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