Many parents refrain from allowing their children to consume candy these days. Is that really the best course of action? When all’s said and done, candy is sold in all your local stores, and so they won’t have any trouble getting hold of it once they are a little older. Should parents forbid candy altogether or simply regulate their kid’s intake? That is what we are going to discover throughout the course of this short post. Once you’ve read through our conclusion, you might want to view the graphic below and learn a little more about the evolution of the candy industry.

Candy is high in sugar

Lots of people think that candy is bad because it is high in sugar. However, we all need that substance for energy, and so leaving it out of their child’s diet doesn’t make sense. Sure, you don’t want them eating it all day long, but there is no issue if they consume it in moderation.

Candy makes you fat

It is certainly true that people who consume high quantities of candy or chocolate could gain weight. So long as they perform regular exercise though, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Believe it or not, candy can form part of a healthy diet.

Candy reduces concentration levels

School teachers would have you believe that candy decreases concentration levels. However, that is only the case if your child consumes a large amount. Too much candy could mean they “crash” a couple of hours later, and that could impact upon their school work.

Now you know that candy is not the worst product in the world for your kids, we hope you will take a better approach when it comes to letting them have their favorite treat. As we said a moment ago, everything is fine in moderation.