It was few months back when I discovered that Ever Bilena also carries skin care products. I scored a few and this lotion was one of I had to pick.

Ever Bilena Naturals Skin Moisturizer Hand and Body Lotion Enriched with Milk for Dry Skin
3.38fl oz/ 100ml.

Regardless the weather, I have dry skin whole year round, but this time its quite hmm bad. I need the kind of lotion which gives back the moisture to my skin, ofcourse with a lasting effect. And at the same time, budget-friendly. I have tried different brands of lotions but I just can's stop trying other lotions to broaden my options, and at the same time share to my dear readers.

Ever Bilena Lotion for Dry Skin is perfect for my current skin condition. This is a water-based lotion which is easily absorbed by the skin in a snap! I like that it easily absorbed by the skin because it allows less waiting time to put my clothes on after shower. The scent has to be the first thing I love about this lotion. Mild creamy milky scent, oohh I suck in describing scents it actually my ideal scent when it comes to lotions. Its like the scent really gets into the skin and it stays all day!

What I don't like is the short term moisturizing effect. With my current skin condition, I have to reapply every four hours. I don’t sweat much since we have a rainy weather. But I guess on months that my skin is not as dry as it is now, the moisture will last at least 6 hours.

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