After a couple of years, I was able to visit beach again! Oh it feels like it has been forever when you are pulling out all the stops for work all year round. Staring at the clear water, there is nothing feels better than to be back again! I cannot be more relax and stress-free.

We visited a public beach resort known as Center Beach in Pangasinan. We just had to donate a small amount which goes to the people who maintains cleanliness and orderliness of the area.

I commend these people by maintaining cleanliness of this part of the beach given the fact it is public. There are cottages on the strip (can be pricey) but we chose not to rent since we can get our vehicle just 6 meters by the sea shore, even closer than the cottages for rent.

It got amazing sand, my 3 yo son enjoyed playing on it. It feels good to be covered by the warm sand. It was such a wonderful weather that day. The kids stroked the beach and the sand with zest. We savor the beauty of nature, the soothing sound of waves crashing the shore.

There are boats which you can rent for P20/person which will take you to a boat trip for 10 minutes. On peak season, the price goes up to P100/person. The price is soo worth it, you get to enjoy a very overwhelming view while taking a trip at the center part of the beach. It was overwhelming to see fishes at the area where the boat stopped for a couple of minutes so we can gaze on the beauty of the ocean.

This is one of the great place you can spend vacation, yet there are only few selections of rooms where you can spend overnight. The area is not yet fully developed so tourism here is more likely on the oversight.

If only the local government take a little step further to promote the place, the tourism growth of this area will rise. For now, let me leave it that way, hoping that in the near future this area will become more developed.

The water rises as the sun sets. It is captivating to watch the beauty of nature in this part of our country.

I'd love to go back in this place next school vacation.