Getting healthy may not seem like the most exciting thing, but it is certainly important. You have to work on how you can go about getting family healthier, and keeping them happy at the same time. This is something that a lot of parents struggle to accomplish, and these are some tips that might help you.

Add Some Competition
It’s important to make sure everyone is excited about getting fit and healthy. And the best way to do this is to make sure you add a bit of friendly competition. If you set yourself health goals you will have something to work toward. And the rest of the family will be able to join in as well. It gives a competitive edge to things and will make the kids more likely to stick with it. You could all have an aim and offer a reward or incentive for the first person who meets the aim. This is a great way of making things a little more fun when it comes to being healthy.
Don’t Go OTT
You have to remember that switching to healthy a healthier lifestyle is something that not a lot of people are used to. There needs to be a transitional period to allow for adjustments, particularly for the kids. Make sure you ease them into the process gradually rather than going all out straight away. If you do that they will resent it, and it will get too much for all of you. Working your way up gradually is the best way to get healthier together as a family.

Cheat Day
One of the best tactics you can employ to make the family happier about healthy living is to have a cheat day. This is one day where people are allowed to eat whatever they want and do whatever they want. It’s up to you to decide how frequently you want to have these cheat days. You might start off with one a week to ease everyone into the healthy routine a little better. But, you also need to make sure you start to cut down its frequency. If you can get to the stage where it’s just one cheat day per month, this would be perfect.
Avoid Takeaways
At the end of a hard week, we all want to reward ourselves, and the way we do that is with takeaways. They save on having to cook and prepare food, and provide a treat for the children as well. But, you need to understand that takeaway food is generally very unhealthy. You need to make sure you aren't having take out too regularly. Try to cut down and maybe have it every other week rather than every week. You could make your own equivalent of the takeaway you would have. The whole family can chip in to make it more enjoyable and less stressful.

Frequent Check-ups
You need to make sure that the family is in good health as often as possible. It’s so important that everyone looks after themselves and that you don't get sick. The best way to do this is to make sure you seek out medical support whenever you need it. Keeping your family healthy is so important, and you can do this with support from your local GP. If you book in check-ups every few months, the doctor will be able to keep an eye on everyone's health. You should also make sure you have plenty of medicine in the home in case you need to nurse yourself back to health at home.
Exercise Together
A family that exercises together stays together! Okay, well, maybe not really, but it is important that you try to do this. Exercise is an important ingredient in a healthy life so you need to make sure you keep up with it. And, if you can get the family all exercising together you’re going to find that you I still good habits in them. This could be something as simple as going jogging or playing sport together. But, one of the best things might be to go swimming. This is a fun-filled experience for the kids, and being in the water will give you the exercise you need at this point.

Encourage Water Consumption
Water is vital in all things, and you have to make sure you guys are consuming enough of it. There are so many reasons why water is great for you; it flushes your system, it hydrates you, and it makes you feel good. If you want to be as healthy as possible, it’s time to start drinking plenty of water. Two to three litres a day is the optimum volume you should be drinking, and you should encourage the family to do the same. Try to make it more appealing by going for flavored waters sometimes as well. This will encourage the whole family to enjoy as much water as possible and have a healthier way of life in the process.
Healthy Substitutes
It’s important to consider the sorts of things you like to eat on a regular basis. And then you need to look at whether you can use healthier substitutes for them. For instance, if you eat a lot of red meat, you may want to switch to white meat. You might also want to go for stuff like egg-free mayo. Take a look at Hampton Creek in Target and see the range they have to offer of vegan and egg-free products. Using healthier substitutes is the best way of making sure you and the family stay healthy. And you’ll keep them happy because they will still get to enjoy basically the same things.
Try to mix things up a bit, quite literally! Fruit and vegetables are essentials for remaining healthy and nutritious. But, you can inject some fun into proceedings by using them to make smoothies. This is important because it allows you to increase the appeal of fruit and veg. You can make delicious sweet or savory smoothies for everyone. This is a great way of using up fruit and vegetables and making sure people consume more. Make sure you get hold of a blender or smoothie maker as soon as possible. This is the best way of making sure you promote healthy living within the family.
It’s important to promote a healthy way of life for the family. And, the way to do this is to make sure you give the kids the opportunity to experience how great being healthy is. You need to ensure that the family remains as healthy as possible as often as possible. And you can use the ideas on this list in order to achieve that as much as possible.