If you have children, you’re probably used to buying toys and games. But what about when they reach a landmark birthday, or you want to treat them to something a little special? Are you preparing to celebrate an important occasion? Are you buying a gift for a friend’s newborn or your godchild? If so, here are some inspirational gift ideas to bear in mind.

Wall art
If you’ve just welcomed a new baby into the world, or you’re shopping for a nephew or niece, wall art is a fantastic idea. You can choose from a wide range of prints or customize your own design. You may want to commemorate the baby’s birthday with a personalized print with their date of birth, name and birth weight, for example. Or you may wish to take inspiration from some of the literary greats and frame quotes. Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh are popular options for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

Jewelry is a popular gift idea for christenings, communions and special birthdays. The beauty of these pieces is that they last forever, and they will hold sentimental value for the child as they get older. Bangles and simple chains are a fantastic option for baptisms and naming ceremonies. Charm bracelets are an excellent choice for older children. You can buy all kinds of charms, including birthstones and letters to make your gift more personal. As the child gets older, they can add to the bracelet with their own choice of charms. If you are buying for boys, why not consider a chain or some cufflinks?

Memory box
If you’re buying for a very young child, a memory box is a lovely idea. In their box, you can store everything from photographs to locks of hair. The box will enable them to look back, and it will also help you and other relatives to cherish memories. Fill the box as your child gets older.

Most children love books, so why not encourage them to start their own collection? You can buy single books or invest in a collection. For a special occasion, the classics are always a good idea.

If you have older children, and you’re struggling for ideas for material gifts, why not celebrate by creating memories? Plan the trip of a lifetime or organize an incredible day out. Often, experiences can be a lot more meaningful than possessions. Have a think about what your child likes to do in their spare time. Perhaps you could get tickets for a concert or spend the day following a zookeeper at work. Maybe you can watch the baseball final or go whale watching. Remember to take lots of photographs so that you can look back and reminisce together.

Buying presents for children can be tricky especially if you want to buy something that has sentimental value. If you’re looking for a special gift for a child, why not take these ideas on board? For young children, you may wish to buy something they can keep and then use when they’re older, such as a piece of jewelry. For older children, think about what they like to do and their hobbies and interests. Be creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.