Smoking is one of the greatest addictions of modern time. It doesn’t make it better that this vice usually goes with other vices making it really hard to quit. One of the most common approaches to tackle this issue is going to a support group. Another option is to do something else that presumes institutional help and loss of privacy.
However, I can assure you that dealing with this problem is possible without this step. You can quit smoking from your home without even relying on institutions. Whether we are talking about cigarettes or tobacco these are all things that can endanger your life and affect your health.

Here are some of the best tips that will help you get rid of nicotine and cigars for good.

1. Start with a proper mindset.
In terms of quitting smoking, people make a mistake by starting from things that are not actually relevant. Time and time again I have seen people who simply quit without thinking how this will affect their body and psyche. In order to quit this bad habit, it is necessary to go from the top and prepare yourself mentally for this ordeal. Only when you’re 100 % sure that you’re done smoking can you make a plan for the actual process.

2. Start when feeling strong.
Like some other practices, it is necessary to have faith in yourself and to feel physically and mentally strong and confident. If you’re feeling depressed or if there are other things in your life that are bothering you, there is no way you can quit smoking. Stressful situations will persuade you to do back to this bad habit.

3. Find an exercise that will help you prevent relapsing.
Being able not to smoke for a week or two is nothing special. The real struggle begins after some time. There are different triggers and situations where you will feel like smoking. It is really easy to relapse and you need to find a method that will prevent you from doing this.

4. Remove everything that reminds you of cigarettes
If you’re constantly thinking about cigarettes or you have some reminders around yourself, there is a higher chance that you will go back to smoking. Make sure to remove any memorabilia that reminds you of this vice.

5. Avoid situations and company in which you’re likely to smoke.
This may sound extreme but it’s necessary to avoid any situation where you’re likely to smoke. Social gatherings are a good example. Now, I am not necessarily saying that you should become anti-social or something like that. Just make sure to avoid places where there is a lot of smoke and smokers. If some of your family members are smokers, try to quit together. This is not only good in terms of avoiding each other’s smoke but will also help you support each other.

6. Focus on physical exercise.
Everybody knows that exercise and smoking do not go together well. It is really hard to combine these two activities as our body requires a lot of air while doing them. Although they are not completely exclusive, you are able to reduce smoking by doing exercises. Focus on leading a healthier life, this will help you beat this bad habit easier.

7. Find a good replacement.
Things such as smoke patches and chewing gums have been around for quite some time. They are definitely a good way of quitting smoking. Also they give you something to keep you distracted from cigarettes. Another good option are electronic cigarettes that are filled with vape liquid. This replacement is much better than your regular nicotine and in time, you can completely stop using normal cigars.

8. Rely on your friends and family.
Quitting smoking is a real hassle. One of the best ways to do it is by relying on your loved ones. Sometimes, you will need a good advice. Other times you will need an encouraging word. Either way, try to rely on your friends and family as much as you can as they can provide the necessary support.

There you go! Eight simple tips that you’ll certainly love. No need to go to an institution or to do some group therapy. With these simple and actionable tips, everybody can do it. Just make sure you’re prepared for a new and healthy life!