One thing that you will have to pay for at some point in your life is a funeral unless you leave the responsibility to your family. The best thing to do would be to plan ahead so that you can lock in the average funeral cost Brookfield IL funeral homes offer and so that you can begin making payments on the bill so that your family won't be left with the balance. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can save money on your funeral while still having the memorial service that you and your family deserve. 

Even though there might be a funeral home that your family has used in the past or you know the people who work at a certain funeral home, consider talking to a few different locations to see if you can find a better price for the services that you want. Set a budget that is affordable for you and your family. One way that you can decrease the cost of your funeral is to have a cremation. However, this is a decision that you need to be comfortable with and a decision that you tell your family about so that they are on the same page. If you are associated with a branch of the military or a special organization, then you might be able to get some kind of discount or even a few components associated with your funeral for free. 

Look around online for some of the things that you know will be included in the price of your funeral to try to get them for a lower price. There are companies that sell caskets as well as burial plots that are less expensive than a funeral home. However, you need to make the funeral home aware of these decisions if you choose to use some of their services as well.