Exhibitors have plenty of superb reasons for choosing to market at trade shows. And many of those reasons are hard to duplicate elsewhere.

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The following are some of the top reasons why exhibitors choose trade shows.

1. Creating Awareness
Most exhibitors attend trade shows to create more awareness about their products or services. They get to improve the brand recognition of their business. Creating awareness is even more essential for startups, new exhibitors, or firms entering new geographical markets.

2. Lead Generation
Exhibitors also exhibit to gain leads from new prospects and clients. Trade events are a primary technique for lead generation for B2B companies. Many exhibitors bring back tons of leads to fill their sales force channel. Additionally, exhibitors can qualify the leads straight at the event and move them further down the purchase cycle.

3. Build Partnerships
Many exhibitors turn to trade shows to create or strengthen their partnerships in the industry. Trade shows bring significant value beyond reaching buyers and prospects. The shows are where industries gather, and they're usually the best time to create and renew alliances with partners, besides buyer interaction.

4. Interact With Existing Customers
Of course, it is extremely valuable to interact with buyers face-to-face. A large portion of exhibitors participate in trade shows to see their current customers. In-person communication with customers while they are at their workplaces is hard, hence trade shows offer exhibitors that chance. In their trade show booths, exhibitors can reveal new merchandise, and cross-sell and up-sell consumers on other products. All in all, they can ensure everything is alright and their relationship is strong.

5. Link with Industry Colleagues and Vendors
Besides partners and buyers, exhibitors also want to network with their industry colleagues and vendors. Trade shows allow them to do just that. A trade event is an opportune time to catch up and discover what is going on in the industry. E.g., what are the major problems? Which products are trending? What companies have been prospering or failing? Etc.

6. Keep Tabs on The Competition
Many exhibitors also go to trade shows because their competitors are there. They want to guard their existing customer relationships, and be in the know when attendees are seeking new solutions. The exhibitors figure that if their competitors are at the event, then the customers must be there, as well.

7. Support the Industry or an Association
Approximately half of all trade shows are run by an association. And a trade show's revenue supplies most of a particular association's budget. At trade shows exhibitors help their industry association to expedite education and networking for members. The support also enables the association to fund advocacy and lobbying strategies on behalf of the exhibitors.

8. Communicate with Many Buyers at One Go
Exhibiting at a trade show also allows exhibitors to interact with many buyers at one time, Thousands of attendees pay to visit a trade show and walk by different trade show booths. It would take multiple months of direct sales to match the number of buyers exhibitors can meet at trade shows.
From the reasons above, it's clear to see why trade shows are very valuable for many exhibitors. The events provide numerous things that marketers seek. The list above might also provide new exhibitors with ideas on how to gain the most from trade shows.