You’ve probably heard of micro bikinis or microkinis.
Although this product has been around for a while, it is still not that common. You probably won’t find it in big department stores. In fact, it cannot be found in every lingerie shop. Micro bikinis are often referred to as the most extreme type of swimwear. This makes sense gives how little they cover.

While they are not for everyone, these tiny bikinis definitely deserve a look. You might find them to be very sexy, provocative and liberating. If you like to try new stuff and don’t have issue embracing your wild side, then these products may be the perfect solution for you!

Today, our special guest is the owner of one of the newest online stores for extreme swimwear – Nikolay Stoyanov from Micro Bikini Store. Nikolay will tell us a bit more about this super sexy beachwear so keep reading!

Brief history
First micro bikinis were introduced during early 90s. In 1995 they received their official name.

The trend first started in California. As something that fits perfectly with liberal states, it was quickly embraced by celebrities and especially people working within fashion industry. Seeing the potential for growth, new models started coming out every summer. Still, even with the best efforts, microkinis went a big under the radar.

This is mainly connected to their extreme nature or lack of fabric to be precise. You see, microkinis barely cover your intimate areas leaving little space to imagination. Triangle in front is minimal, barely being able to cover your frontal intimate region. In fact, for certain models, a bigger string is used. In the back there is always a thong. Strings are used to connect various parts of the bikini. 

Lastly, same for the bottom part, upper part uses minimal material.
Great thing about microkinis is that the amount of material is minimal. This means there is no cups, padding, wires or anything else that might interfere with your day on the beach. In fact, this free feeling is often the reason why women like to wear it. Unlike your traditional swimsuits, micro bikinis are much less restrictive.

Similarities between strings and micro bikinis
Women often don’t know what’s the difference between these two items.

First thing that needs to be mentioned is that micro bikinis are almost always string bikinis while the opposite is not necessarily true!

Given that microkinis focus on having minimum material, it makes sense they will use strings to connect various parts of the item. At the same time, traditional string bikinis are rarely that extreme; they have normal padding and triangles.

While they both might have thong and use strings, this is usually where the similarities end.

As already mentioned, micro bikinis are not meant for everyone. They are ideal for women who are daring, like to try new stuff and are not concerned about showing their curves. In a way, the bikini can be used to present exhibitionist within us.

String bikinis are much more common on the public beaches and people usually don’t have issue with it. On the other hand, there is a limited number of places where you can wear a microkini.

Some issues you should be aware of
Now, it’s hard to say there are “issues” with microkini – it is a fashion item like any other.

However, it is often frowned upon. This is mainly due to the fact that the item doesn’t cover enough. While your intimate areas will be concealed, it will be just barely. This means that they are usually forbidden in public places such as pools and beaches. Nevertheless, there are still lots of other spots where you can wear them.

Some people even have a misconception that microkinis are primarily used by the sex industry and its workers. While some of them may wear them, that doesn’t mean that the item was created for this purpose.

When fashion brands created micro bikinis, their main focus was on creating the next evolution of bikinis and swimsuits in general. They were meant to provide more freedom while also showing more curves.

If you’re the type of person that is cool with this, you might as well try one out!