A clean house or property makes for an appealing sight. Asides that, it is environmentally safe and healthy for the occupants and the neighborhood. It is much easier to clean the insides of a building than cleaning the outside. This should be pretty obvious. Imagine scrubbing the outer walls of a building, a walkway, roof or patio with hands. The result achieved, if any, will be negligible and amount to a complete waste of time. To make sure your Louisville property surroundings are clean and safe, you need to power wash it.

Power washing is a way of removing materials like dirt, mud, mildew, moss, mold and other forms of contaminants from surfaces which may include walls, floors, side-walks, etc. using pressurized water. It is different from pressure washing as power washing uses hot water while pressure washing does not. See article here.

The purpose of the hot water is to break down or melt any of these materials especially the tough ones so they can be easily removed. Power washing is carried out using heavy power washing machines and materials.

These machines shoot out only water at high pressure which makes it dangerous for a non-professional. You need to contact professionals for your power washing services in Louisville rather than doing it yourself. Power washing should be done only on hard surfaces such as driveways, fences, floors, etc.
These are the kind of areas that are heavily saturated with dirt and need extra force to extract things such as gum, grime, oil and other forms of dirt from their surfaces.

Not all dirt can be removed with the same ease. Each surface to be power washed is different as some stains are more difficult to remove than others. This is another reason you need professionals as they can examine the extent of dirt to be cleaned as well as the surface and know the way to go about cleaning it.

Power washing is used for both private and commercial properties. It reduces allergies and minimizes hazards. It also helps to improve the aesthetics of a property or premises.

High or low pressure should be used based on the surface to be cleaned. This is in addition to the use of appropriate nozzles as they alter the flow and velocity of the water. This enables the user to either reach a greater distance or increase the pressure of the flow. These nozzles are color-coded for easy identification. Black nozzles cover the most range and red covers the least.

Reasons Why You Should Power Wash Your Louisville Property

It Helps to Preserve Your Property’s Beauty

Molds and mildew build up over time on a building. Also, due to weather conditions in Louisville (see https://datausa.io/profile/geo/louisville-jefferson-county-ky-in-metro-area to know about Louisville), different stains, dust, and other elements combine to make a building uglier than it is. Power washing cleans and restores the beauty of a building to its original state. This is one cleaning method that can reach the hidden nooks and crannies of the building and take out different forms of dirt.

It Preserves the Value of Your Property

The outside of a building is continually exposed to weather and harsh elements which include dust, rain, snow, smoke, wind, etc. Rain and snow, for instance, will make mildew and moss grow on the property. Dust fills it and changes the color. All these affect the walls and paint too. If it is not taken care of, it can lower the value of the property. Power washing it regularly removes all of these and enhances its appearance. It’s easier to sell that way and at a good value or price.

It Prevents Permanent Damage to Your Property

Mildew, algae, moss, and molds are plants that grow and spread on the exterior of a house for a number of reasons. They leave stains, are usually unsightly and can cause irreparable damage to your proper if left unattended for long. Thankfully, they can be easily removed by power washing your building.

It Helps to Prepare Surfaces You Need To Work On

Because of weather conditions and all that come with it, various forms of dirt settle all over the walls and exterior of the house. When renovating or repainting your house or property, you cannot just paint over this dirt. They need to be removed before painting or refinishing can be done. Power washing it to remove all the dirt leaves it clean and renovation can be done successfully.

It Keeps You, Your Family and Employees Healthy

Dirt, dust and bacteria carrying organism like algae, mildew, and mold not only affect the appearance of your building. They can also affect your health and that of your family. If it is a commercial property, folks working there can also be affected if these organisms are not properly taken care of. This can lead to coughing and sneezing among other things. Removing these organisms by power washing enhances everyone’s health and provides a safe living or working environment.


A property, be it a personal home or a commercial property, is a lot of investment. Keeping it clean and safe is good for the health of humans and also for the durability of the property. Dirt and other elements compromise this if left unattended. With the power washing services in Louisville, you can restore your property and protect your investment.

Most power washing is done in the fall or spring when there is warm or cool weather. This means that it is best not done during the winter. Cleaning your property thoroughly requires a professional. This is to avoid damage to your property and to yourself or any other inexperienced individual.

For best results, it is advisable to power wash your Louisville property once or twice a year. Dirt gathers every day and as a result of the different weather conditions, plants like algae and moss grow on the exterior of the building all the time. 

It is your job to ensure that your space is as clean and healthy as possible. Take advantage of all the resources available to you and ensure your home is dirt free at all times.