5 Important Tips To Get Newborns Sleep Without Being Held

One of the first and foremost jobs as a parent is to learn to put the young child to sleep. Babies are often angels until it is sleep time. Most of the time these cute little bundles of joy want to be held or cuddled while sleeping.

The constant need to be around the baby can get exhausting and frustrating too. Teaching them to fall asleep by themselves is not a difficult task. A few small tips and tricks can get the job done effectively.

     Use swaddle for a better sleep routine -
Once the baby is out of the womb, it feels scared and unprotected at all times unless someone is holding the baby. This constant need for physical presence is especially prevalent during nap or sleep time.

Swaddling is one of the highly recommended practices for numerous reasons. Psychologically it makes the child feel safe as it tends to feel like the inner cocoon of a mother’s womb. This eminently promotes a better sleep condition without the constant need of holding the baby

Swaddling is also good for another reason.

As a newborn, the bones are still in a formative state. Excessive movements can cause hip dysplasia and other issues. Swaddling the body tightly with cloth ensures that the baby’s body is immovable during sleep.

     Get a Pack n Play instead of a regular crib
Rather than getting a regular crib, these days many experts suggest Pack n play instead. Suitable for babies until 6 months of age, they are multi-functional and a very good place to sleep and play for the baby.

With protective meshing or fabric all around, it is safe for the baby to play within without worrying about falling out. Secondly, Pack n play gives an appearance of safety cocoon making the baby less prone to anxiety or fear as they lie inside it.

Small pack n play that is custom designed for cars and traveling are also available in case you have plans to travel with the baby.

     Create a nighttime routine
Tiring or exhausting the baby with games and other activities does not necessarily promote better sleep. It makes them more restless. Conditioning the baby with small approaches can help in reducing the separation anxiety.

Once the baby finishes up with dinner and bathroom routine, make sure to create a daily routine. Though babies are wired to need constant presence, they are very observant of the things happening around them.

Before sleeping, talk and cuddle your baby, sing a song or read a book. Pat him and be around him until he falls asleep. When they feel a constant presence as they are falling asleep, the separation anxiety will not develop and thus promote a better sleep condition.

Make it a habitual daily routine. The baby will get used to this routine and automatically relax when he sees the same pattern every time.

     Reduce the day time nap routine
Babies do not need more than 3 hrs of nap time at a single stretch during the day. It is important to break the sleep after 2.5 to 3 hrs. This ensures a better and longer sleep time during the night time instead.

The daytime routine of eating, playing and sleeping should follow into the night too as it helps the baby understand the pattern and adjust along.

     Introduce white noise to the baby at the earliest
It is not always possible to have complete silence when the baby is asleep. There is bound to be some or other sounds and motions at all times.

The noises and movements scare them as they are not prepared mentally for these intrusions. It causes them to wake up constantly in fear.

White noise is a great way to help babies adjust to small irrelevant movements and noise while they sleep without waking up. Introducing white noise from the earliest time possible ensures that the baby grows accustomed to it and sleeps through these noises.

Babies require a lot of attention and love. Understanding these little precious bundle takes time and patience as parents. There are no strict do's and don’t’s to help your baby grow into a perfect being.

It is rather a constant learning process throughout one’s life as parents. These small tips and ideas can help in making their life a bit better besides helping them be independent, from a very tender age.

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