Be Careful! You’re More Likely to Slip and Fall in These Places!

Tripping over in a public place is more than just embarrassing, you could be left with serious injuries.

And if these injuries leave you unable to look after yourself or your family, or unable to work and provide for them, then it raises some serious questions about negligence and who was really to blame. Cuts and bruises are understandable, but neck and back injuries, broken bones and possible brain trauma? This more than just clumsiness on your behalf.

If you had a slip and fall recently and you don’t believe it was your fault, reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Slipping, tripping and falling over can happen anywhere and to anyone. But where are these accidents most likely to happen? The location of your trip and fall accident is important, because if your injuries could have been avoided and are the result of a negligent property owner then you could have a personal injury claim. Read on to discover the places you’re more likely to have a slip and fall accident.

At your local salon
We go to the salon for some much-needed rest, relaxation and pampering. So, the last thing we expect is to find ourselves skidding along the floor and being left injured. Most salons have shiny, glossy floors and when these surfaces get wet, they become treacherous. Water, shampoo, hair and nail products, not forgetting wires, chairs and other pieces of hairdressing equipment can create trip hazards and also make hair salons incredibly dangerous places.

Public pools
A fun day out with your kids can quickly turn into a disaster thanks to the slick, slippery surfaces we tread at the local swimming pool. When people exit the pool, they drag huge amounts of water with them, treading water throughout the changing room areas and making surfaces incredibly dangerous. Taking your time on these surfaces will help prevent slipping. However, you should also be wary of trips hazards such as pool floats, discarded life jackets and other items on the poolside.

Restaurants and bars
There’s no better way to enjoy yourself at the weekend with your loved ones and have a good meal or a few drinks after work. Sadly, restaurants and bars are two of the locations you’re more likely to have a slip and fall accident. Wet weather has patrons bringing water into the building, spilt drinks and food spillages on the floor, even tripping over bags and coats around tables and chairs. Customers are also likely to trip and fall in bathrooms and in poorly maintained parking lots.

Even doing the weekly grocery shop can put you at risk of hurting yourself. Leaking fridges and freezers, liquid spilling from meat products, grapes and squashed food on the floor, boxes and crates, potholes in the parking lot – it’s a miracle we get any shopping done at all!

Final thoughts…
If you’ve tripped, slipped and fallen in a public place and you weren’t to blame, reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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