Benefits of Installing Desktop Power Outlet With USB

In recent years, the obsession with phones and tablets has grown to a high level. An average family of four has at least 4 cell phones and a few laptops. Employed individuals may also use a business mobile phone as well as a tablet. The problem with inaccessible sockets at home started to preoccupy world designers. How to solve the issue of simpler and more practical charging of our devices?


And after so long, the final solution is better than we could have expected. USB Electrical Outlets. So, what’s the deal with these USB outlets it’s the first question that pop-ups in our minds. Check out the link for more


USB receptacle allows you to charge your phone, tablet, or any electrical gadget you have at home while using your USB cord. Okay, but that's what my adapter does too. When regular sockets are replaced with this kind of power outlet, and you connect your gadget to charge, you leave the electrical outlets available for other use.


Leaving electrical outlets unplugged sounds great when you have to charge a lot of things at the same time. So basically, you can charge your phone and tablet and, at the same time, plug in your lamp, laptop, etc.


Different designs 

If you are worried that this change in your home will really point out, you have probably never heard of the many designs available. Tricky places you can’t reach and a limited number of sockets can be replaced with USB outlets and hence solve your problem. For example, Evoline-USA offers various dimensions, colors, numbers of USB-chargers, and much more.


A safer and faster way of charging 

You are probably using power strips and extension cords in your home to stretch out the power source and increase the number of outlets. Although this is a solution, we have all used, it’s not the safest one. Sometimes they can cause an electrical safety risk. USB outlets are a lot safer way to charge multiple things at the same time.


In some cases, it's even noticed that some devices charge faster with this kind of outlet. Charging your device on your laptop is a slow process. Putting it in a traditional socket, it's a bit faster. But you can charge it 40% more quickly when using a power outlet with a USB port.


Will my electricity bill be affected?

Imagine you need to charge 5 things at the same time. You don't have a power outlet with USB, so you put your gadgets around your house's sockets to charge their batteries. Now imagine collecting them and charge them in the same socket. You will use the same amount of electrical power as you used in the first case. That's why the USB receptacle will not affect your bills.


Universal for travelers 

When you travel a lot, especially from Europe to the USA or the other way, you have probably come across an outlet problem. They are not compatible, and you need to buy an adapter. A USB port is universal for all countries, thus solving the problem if you are traveling or having international guests.



Many traditional sockets pull up and break easily when used over time. USB wall charger is shown to have a long life span. Not being obligated to replace and repair the traditional sockets will save you a lot of time and money.


Okay but, can I change my regular outlet with a USB one? 

Yes! That's the beauty of this new invention. Anyone can do it by themselves. Usually, this kind of power outlet comes in with installation instructions, plus you can find a YouTube tutorial. Nevertheless, if you feel unsafe to do it yourself, you can call an electrician to help you change it. Usually, electricians charge between $50 to $100 per hour. Read more here.



It's an invention that, in every way, is better than the traditional solution. With the help of internet reviews, you can easily find hundreds of satisfied customers. Using a desktop power outlet with USB will save you time and make your home a safer place. It is a small project which will make a significant difference.




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