For effective communication, seeing someone is very important, as half of the conversation is understood by facial expressions. But with the horrifying effect of pandemics, face masks were introduced and created a big hindrance in the effective communication part. With a mask, the power of hearing and understanding has taken a bad shape. In fact, as per the research, 55% of communication is done through visual cues, so there must be a mask that can protect you from Coronavirus but can also give the option to see the expressions.

As per the current situation, masks are going to stay for a very long period of time and it has been noticed that people are even getting annoyed when they are unable to hear some when with a mask and if they ask to repeat then the other party gets irritated. Hence, an option to see the expressions with the mask can help a lot.

Keeping this thought in mind many companies have launched transparent masks. Now they are very interesting, as it protects you from the virus as well as gives the option to see the facial expressions.


Companies see the requirement for clear masks

The impact cloth masks are creating a fuzz and that has been noticed by companies. Especially, people, you are engaging with deaf and hard of hearing people are facing this issue a lot. But recently keeping in mind a few factors and considering the issues people are facing, there has been a launch of clear masks in the market. They are FDA cleared and offer complete transparency of face.

There are not only NGOs who have to deal with deaf and hard of hearing people but there are many offices where employees are sharing a workspace with people who are deaf or are facing problems with hard of hearing. Thus, a clear face mask is an option that has been launched by many companies.

It is not only beneficial for people who are having hearing disabilities but many people can benefit from seeing more facial expressions. And one of the most important things that are being missed because of the pandemic is the power of a smile. To get it back, companies have even designed stylish clear face masks because 55% of communication we do is through facial expressions. There are plenty of benefits attached to this type of masks and they are listed below:


Healthcare workers would benefit

To prevent medical errors and miscommunication, they are very important for health care professionals as they are the ones who are wearing masks predominantly. Let’s not forget that a smile can make patients feel comfortable and happy. In a medical environment, the stress can go on a totally different level and when co-workers share a smile, it can somehow help in reducing the tension. Hence, this is one of the benefits of transparent masks that patients can see the magical smile of their health care professionals and feel totally relaxed.


Advantages for teachers

For teachers explaining something with expressions becomes more related. Working with children and teaching adults can bring a lot of work and understanding a new concept and new idea with a mask can be very challenging. But as the growing symptoms of the pandemic, it’s mandatory to wear a mask, hence the innovation of this mask is a blessing. Now with these masks teachers can protect themselves as well as students from the spread of viruses and at the same time can make the idea and concept understandable with facial expressions.


Interpreters and language teachers

It becomes very hard to explain a word that is from a different language without a facial expression. The pronunciation and the movement of lips helps a lot to learn a word that is completely from a different language. Thus, transparent masks can help interpreters and language teachers a lot.

For almost every individual wearing a mask is a big adjustment and has become a reason for anxiety and stress but with the launch of these masks, the anxiety and stress can be reduced. As when you wear the mask, it gives an illusion that you are wearing no mask and that alleviates the stress.

Normally children and kids find it very confusing when their parents try to make them learn a word or a new language, they find it difficult to understand it with a mask, but now with clear masks the kids can see the lip movement and grasp the exact way to pronounce a word.

Wearing a transparent mask is like covering the face without hiding it but with protection.

Enhance communication and comfort

Now there are many people who need to wear masks for a longer period of time and at work as well. With this mask improvement in communication will be seen as the expressions will be visible. The people who are wearing masks the whole day will feel the difference by wearing a clear mask, because of their design and material. As this mask is created from a flexible material, thus, will sit always from the skin that will save your skin from irritation, and will make it breathable.
It has been experienced by many people who wear glasses that when you wear a mask with glass, it starts developing a mist that makes it hard to see. But this mask has resolved this problem and now even glass wearers that wear a mask without any hassle. The best part of these masks is that the air escapes from the side instead of from the top when a person breathes, hence doesn’t create any mist.


Final Words

By going through a hard time of COVID-19 many people have faced tremendous problems and one of them was wearing a mask. Some say it makes them uncomfortable because it’s hard to breathe with a mask and some say it feels irritating. But most people say that it’s hard to communicate with a mask. As facial expressions play a vital role in any communication. There are people who have a hearing disability or deaf, now for them, it was becoming very hard to communicate with a mask, hence companies innovated transparent masks that help in reading the lips, and seeing the facial expressions without even spreading the virus. Hence, this sort of mask is very much beneficial for medical people, teachers, and interpreters.