Is it Safe to Use Essential Oils Around Babies?

Essential oils are the talk of the town. They are packed with innumerable benefits for adults. From providing relief from stress to promoting a healthy sleeping pattern; organic essential oils can bring a plethora of health perks to many.

But is it safe to use around kids?

Although older children can benefit largely from them, infants and young children cannot be exposed to them at an early age. This is because these natural oils are highly concentrated and strong. These can trigger kids and cause irritation, allergic reactions and severe discomfort in little ones.

It is suggested that you keep kids away from essential oil exposure till at least 3 years. And even if you start exposing them to these, you must do so gradually. Never introduce them to essential oils right away as many kids might not settle nicely with these.

When can I Introduce Essential Oils to my Baby?

For babies, it is recommended that you do not introduce essential oils to them before they turn 1. There are some specific organic essential oil companies that are creating oils for infants alone. They have a calming effect and can also reduce risk of anxiety in babies.

However, the most important aspect to consider here is the dilution of essential oils and the precise application as well. As they are widely available these days, it is easy to start using them, without following the proper instructions.

With kids, you need to be extremely careful with essential oils. We also recommend you to discuss its usage with the baby’s doctor too. They can further guide you about how it might affect your little one.

Checking Product Labels:

The most important step to take, when choosing essential oils for your kids, is to check the product label. You want to make sure that you are using pure oils only. This is why organic essential oils are tagged to be the safest.

Certify that they are not mixed with alcohol as it can cause irritation. Likewise, the product label must not have additional fragrances in it either. Artificial fragrances can trigger irritation or allergic reactions.

Synthetic fragrances are completely different from the scent of essential oils. And they have absolutely no health perks to them either. As they can lead to baby skin irritation, it is highly recommended that you read through the product label carefully before making a purchase.


It is important to understand that each essential oil is different. None of them are identical. And therefore, to make a wise choice for your little bundle of happiness; you need to be extremely choosy.

Pick essential oils that are safer and are organic. Read through the product label and make sure that you go through the ingredient list closely. Always follow the dilution rules and ratios as stated by the manufacturer.

Lastly, never apply essential oils to baby skin directly. Always mix them with a carrier oil or inquire about it from the manufacturer before making a purchase.

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