Get Paid Using Your Twitter

Another way to earn residual income is by joining Sponsored Tweets.  If you are my twitter follower, you will be able to see those sponsored tweets I am talking about. :)

I remember it was three of four months ago when I registered in Sponsored Tweets. However, it is just this month when I received an email for an opportunity.

Sponsored Tweets:

It is also powered by Izea just like Pay Per Post and Social Spark. Before you register, you need to have an active Twitter account with followers. (I am just not sure how many followers they require, but I remember I only have 70 followers when I registered here.) After you register to Sponsored Tweets, you just simply have to wait for their email if they have an opportunity for you. They will send to your email the offer and ask you to log in to your account, view the complete details of the assigned tweet. Once you logged in to your account, you can already view the assigned tweet and there is an option if you wish to decline. They offer different rates This is a chance to receive a compensation from the Advertiser in exchange for creating tweets which comply with the requirements set forth in the opportunity. Each opportunity contains a description of the desired tweet and once you accepted the opportunity, you will get paid by the advertiser.

How they pay?

Minimum cashout is $2 and they pay via Paypal


 You can register here:


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