It was last year when I did a massive organizing of my wardrobe. yeah massive that I learned to let go stuff that has been there for like when I was still single. *grins*

It was a mess before and not organized until I found a lot of pinterest ideas on how to keep it organized. So as I was organizing earlier this month, I realized that I have a lot of clothes that I have not used for the past 12 months. What I did, I decided to toss away some unused clothes and just leave those I know I will be using for the next 12 months, believe me it's a big relief. I also came up real quick for a list of wardrobe that most mom on the go like me needs to have in their wardrobe.

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Comfy Tops - Definitely a must have for moms. Basic tee allows me to move freely and faster running errands everyday. Cleaning home, taking care of kids and picking son from school. No matter how plain it is, I love it. It is the basic piece you'll need for everyday activities at home.

Jeans - Pick the best pair for your body. I like jeans with shorter inseam. The skinny and slim-fit styles flatter my petite figure. 

Bag/Purse - We need something to hold our essentials. For most mommies, we prefer a bag that has enough space because we tend to bring more stuffs we need every now and then. I personally prefer bulky bags because all the kids' and hubby's stuff always ends up on my bag, whew.

Blazer/Scarf - Another staple in my closet. A blazer can be worn with jeans, skirts, dresses or even shorts. I also need it to battle cold and rainy weather. Scarf gives any outfit a lift, ayt?

Denim Shorts - I could get to use it most summer days. When I do the groceries and even when we suddenly thought of going to park so the kids could enjoy and play. I usually pair a comfortable tee that makes easy to move around in. You never know what activities are in store.

Flat footwear - Comfort is more important than fashion. I wear what feels comfortable. But ofcourse it really adds a lot of good impression to when you have both! That is why when shopping, I stick to my golden rule, it should be comfortable yet fashionable.

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