I really can't wait to share this exciting news I have to my dear readers about a new website I just discovered! If you are a certified online shopper who would appreciate getting paid for shopping, well this post is for you.

Geez, who wouldn’t love to earn cash while doing the usual online shopping to your favorite online shop? 

For some people, shopping is the best medicine. While it's other way around for several people because they find shopping stressful. Either way, ShopBack will benefit online shoppers because of the cashback you will get to receive on top of the discounts you get from your favorite online shops.

ShopBack Ph is a cashback site that pays consumers to shop online. 

How does it work?

All you need to do is type in https://www.shopback.ph/ to your browser's address bar, or click HERE. It will direct you to ShopBack's website where you will see the different legit online merchants like Lazada, Zalora, Groupon, Ebay, even travel deals, and a lot more. Make sure to Bookmark to make your next visit a lot easier.

First, you need to register to their website. You can either register providing your email address or register thru Facebook. Once registered, they will send confirmation email.

Now, at the ShopBack website, you get to see all legit online shops including merchants where you usually do your online shopping, and once you clicked on any of the merchants, ShopBack will direct you to that online shop for you to do your regular online shopping routine. You may also pick from the Coupons, Promo Code, and Discounts offered by merchants. Allow 2 days from the day of your purchase, for the cashback to be awarded on your account. You earn the cashback on top of usual discounts, how good is that? 

How to claim your cashback?
There are two ways on how you can claim your cashback, you can use your Paypal account or have it sent directly to your bank account. To learn more about how it works, please refer to the photo below:

Where does the cashback you receive come from? 
ShopBack shares with you the commissions they get from the merchants.

The ShopBack website is easy to navigate, won't really get you lost. They have mostly everything you need in the Categories from Fashion to Foods, and even for Travel like hotel accommodations and discounted air fares or tour packages. 

To make sure you get Cashback, make sure you do not click on coupon websites. Use only coupons That ShopBack provides. Also, make sure to use same device all throughout and enable cookies on your device.

I find ShopBack really amazing, the cashback I receive can be used for shopping again or add up to my savings. These days when most of what's available in the market are getting higher and our daily expenses couldn't get any lower, practicality is a way to survive. Well for a certified online shopper like myself, I cannot imagine how much I will get to save in one year! 

Basically, you get paid shopping through ShopBack to different online merchants. So, if I were you, register now and make your shopping journey fun, exciting and a lot of savings! 

For more information about ShopBack Ph, you can visit their Social Media Pages below: