My DIY Planner Changes and Updates

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Remember I have posted my DIY Planner on a Budget and showed how I set it up? Well, sad to say the lay out of my weekly did not quite work for me. Notes are all over the place and appears kind of messy. I tried my best but the layout did not suits my needs. I am still trying to figure out how to keep it neat looking while keeping it functional. Or else, I need a switch to other layout until I find planner peace. I also decided to change some parts of my DIY planner which I will show in this post.

I saw this cute blue with silver circles gift wrapping paper in bookstore so I thought to replace the pink paper cover. I am happy with my new cover and decided to stick to it!

  • I also made a dashboard for notepads, I use a pink card stock and add some washi tapes.
  • I have an old plastic transparent folder and I thought to use as a divider. I can also use this as dashboard and I am actually thinking of what design I can add to it.
  • I added a long notepad which serves as jotter where I can easily just jot down any idea that pops out my head.
  • I made an envelope out of card stock where I can put small papers and notepads.

I love how it turned out after inserting all those DIY dividers and envelopes I made.
I made slight changes in Blogs Section since the initial set up did not work for me as well. Also, I added some pages so I can monitor my blog income and banner ads as well.

i replaced the first page with a notepad where I can jot down any blog ideas I have for the month. I find it better than the first one so I will stick to it. With this second layout, I feel more comfortable in planning what blog posts could be next without any pressure.

I tried using this format for a week, and it works just great. I can print inserts with grids but I prefer hand written for this. Once a blog post is published, I put check at the last column. The blue shade at the upperside corner of blog title indicates the post has been published. It helps me keep track which post is still in drafts and needs attention.

Sometimes I forget passwords so I just write in this notepad all the passwords of websites I always forget.

I added these functional pages which I printed to further monitor my blog income for the whole year. I can have my digital copy but I prefer to 'go paper' so I can easily reach whenever I need it.

Since the last month’s layout in my weekly spread did not work, I decided to tweak a bit for the month of Feb. Here’s my February spread before the pen, I hope this one works fine.

I use stickers and washi tapes to decorate my spread for the week. You can see in Wednesday box, there is a checklist pad with holes. I cut out a small portion of my hot pink sticker paper and punched holes on it.

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