6 Products Every Mom Needs in Her Makeup Bag

Everyday can be the busiest day for a mom but you need to still look good even how rhapsodic or fussy your day can get. When you look good, you feel great about yourself. And like a domino effect, your positive mood will reflect in everything you do. I asked ten moms on what are the six must-haves in their make-up bags and I came up a list of top 6 products based from their answers.

  1. Day cream or BB cream with SPF - The sky may be overcast, but those UV rays are strong. A cream that shields you from premature aging and dark spots is the best way to go. Applying a facial cream or a bb cream with spf saves you from worries.
  2. Compact face powder - a face powder with usable mirror because we can look oily in the middle of running errands and stuff.
  3. Lipstick - Most moms I know own at least one lipstick in makeup bag. Just a quick glide of color on lips can already make a difference as it instantly brightens up your face that makes you even still look good when the truth is you are already worn out.
  4. Eyebrow product - An eyebrow product regardless pencil or powder, is a product that multi-tasks. It can be an eyeliner too or can be used as eyeshadow. I have to admit, I am one of those moms who cannot go out without grooming my eyebrows.
  5. Perfume - Even you are on your most simple outfit, you can still make a good impression if you smell good. Just a small bottle of your fave perfume in your purse can already go a long way.
  6. Hair brush and elastic bond- Not only our face, we also need to be mindful of our locks. Good or bad hair days, a hair brush or an elastic bond is a must-have for every mom!

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