My youngest child's skin has become very sensitive mid last year and easily gets dry. He gets redness even he stays inside our home. That condition had me worry so much. I decided to change his skin care products including the soap, talc and lotion. Maybe, any of his regular skin care products doesn't suit his skin's needs anymore. For his lotion, I ended up giving him Nivea Baby Moisturizing lotion for his sensitive skin.

Nivea Baby Moisturizing lotion is hypo-allergenic and clinically tested. I personally love Nivea skin care products since this is the brand I have been using lately for my skin as well. 

It has tad thick formulation but as you work your way on the skin, the formulation turns light that results to easy application. It feels a bit sticky on skin which disappears eventually once the product is absorbed by skin. It has a very light and delicate scent makes it perfect for babies. It doesn’t irritate my child’s skin since it has 0% parabens, alcohol and colorants. It claims to moisturize and protect daily for healthy skin. Everything it claims is true. I like that it leaves my toddler's skin soft and moisturized all day.

After switching to Nivea Baby Moisturizing lotion, the irritations have gone. I knew it, maybe his previous brand has an ingredient that causes negative reaction to my baby’s skin. I understand, his needs change as he grows up that is why I am always receptive to another option once a certain product doesn’t match his needs anymore prior deterioration. As what I always say, I only wnat what is best for my family.

I am glad Nivea Baby Moisturizing lotion just matched his current skin needs. I highly recommend this lotion especially if your babies have sensitive skin.