My Pocket Planner Make-Over and Set-Up

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Hey, it's another planner related post. I have been rocking a busy life lately, and I am extremely happy with how everything goes. Though sometimes, I get overwhelmed of so many tasks to be done. I realized I just need to find the best way on how to manage time, work and finances.

Just last week, hubby brought me home a sweet surprise which I posted in my Instagram account. He knows me so well that he picked up a pocket planner from a thrift store he visited where he was initially looking for an office chair. I can’t be more excited, so I go ahead and set it up! But first, here is how the pocket planner looks like.

It’s garnet and has no brand name, but i think it’s a planner from an industrial company based on the letters embossed by the binder cover. I don’t mind the embossed letters at all since it is hardly noticeable at first glance. Also, I don’t think that even matter to me since I am more into functionality, as long as it has no damage, clean and can hold my stuff, I am fine with it.

Click photo for larger view
Click photo for larger view
I am not sure if it’s genuine leather tho, I'm havin’ hard time to figure out but it has evergrain texture. It reminds me of my previous filofax which I gave to a friend. Nevertheless, it looks perfect, no issue and I really love it, it’s clean and has tight rings 😁. Totally a steal for only P45 ($1)

It is a challenge to set it up and use as my daily journal. All that is written here are unplanned activities that took place that day, may it be happy or the other way around.

This it how it turned out now:
Click photo for larger view
If you are interested to know how I made my DIY ribbon paper clips, just click HERE
Click photo for larger view
I got the charms from my old necklace and it looks perfect on this planner.

Click photo for larger view

I made three dividers; DAILY, PROJECT and BILLS.

To Buy - I DIY a page with enough size of pocket where I can put small sheet of papers. I jot down on the sheets all stuff that I need to buy so I have quick access on my to buy list when we do shopping.
Click photo for larger view
Just recently I thought to incorporate color coding system into this pocket planner for more organized system.
Click photo for larger view
I use the inserts that come in the pocket planner, but I am planning to use thicker instead. I already have thicker papers I can use but I just can't find time to cut them out. In the mean time, this is bearable.
Click photo for larger view

This is where I jot plans related to household, planner and work. This is where I also have special lists. I use some jotter sheets from my notepad.
Click photo for larger view
This is another DIY divider which I made which has a quote to remind me to serve my purpose with perseverance and great spirit. I use designer paper, washi tapes and colored paper.
Click photo for larger view
Click photo for larger view
This is where my DIY ideas are written down.
Click photo for larger view
Since I plan to carry this pocket planner in my purse, I decided to include my bills. I made a post about budgeting using envelope system which you can read HERE. I always use cash for Groceries, internet bill and electric bill so I opt to put the envelopes in this pocket planner where I can easily access the payment and also remind me to pay whenever we have the chance.
Click photo for larger view
At the back, I put a section for important information like contacts and bank account numbers. I use the contact pages that comes with this planner.
Click photo for larger view

Click photo for larger view
 The weight and size of this pocket planner perfectly fits my purse. The binder is easy to clean and has very usable pockets in the front and at the back. It looks and feels sturdy and I haven't experienced any issue yet.

I am so happy with how my pocket planner turns out. For the DIY dividers, I will do a separate post on how I do them. I am also planning to change my inserts, I will write an update on that. There are more planner related posts coming up, and hopefully I can immediately publish them all.


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