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#HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 #Review

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A decent printer can make any home office complete. For me, a printer with multiple function has got to be the best choice. A machine that functions as printer, scanner and copier all at the same time can come more handy. It saves you space having only one unit instead of three, and allows you to be more productive on a small cost.

 HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135 is one best choice. I have been using it for almost a week and it works just perfect. It is a printer, scanner and copier in one. I like that it is light weight, mobility wise you can count on its versatility.

Look at the color, the yellow green color of this printer compliments well with white.

It has touch screen navigation with five command buttons.

Printing has become a lot easier since it is very easy to operate, doesn't take manual reading to understand how to navigate. Additionally, I commend it's high quality print outs. It picks up the color perfectly and gives faster printing experience.

It comes with installer but you can always download the installer in their website.

It really feels and looks sturdy, I highly recommend HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 2135.

For more information on HP Printer, feel free to visit their website:

Update as of December 2016:
I do not recommend this printer, I am very disappointed. It takes a lot of trial and error in refilling ink cartridge. The ink is quite expensive and can only print less than a hundred paper. It refused on accepting ink refills by December 2016, so it means I can no longer use it. Such a waste of money...

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  1. This printer stopped printing in black color after a bunch of sheets without any alert, neither by software or light, according the software the printer had enough ink to still printing but the worst part is the support service they don't want to return you money or replace anything, they avoid the responsibilities, after a lot of calls, chats and remote support they found out I was right but still their solution was I have to buy new cartridge with my own money,do a new test without any warranty.
    The first agent promised me to replace the cartridge by domicile without any fee but they avoid that promise and the recording calls are only for internal use.
    Please do it yourself a favor, buy another brand


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