Quitting Smokes Has Never Been So Easy With These Cool Tips

                Smoking is one of those vices that quickly become severe. Even if you’re enjoying them, you will quickly realize how destructive they can be for your health. They will affect your breathing in no time and there is no way you won’t notice this change.

However, respiratory issues are not the only thing you need to concern yourself with. Changes can also be noticed on your skin and nails. This being said, cigarettes have both esthetic and health impact.

                Unfortunately, although most smokers wish to quit they simply aren’t able to do so.

                Cigarettes become an important part of our life and it is really hard to stop using them. With these tricks and tips you just might finally be able to do it.

1.     Preparing the field
The most important thing you need to know about quitting smoking is that you have to have a proper playing field. What do I mean by that? People who live with other smokers find it hard to quit as there is always a chance of relapsing. If you truly wish to stop doing this, you need to create a situation where you can succeed. First few months are the hardest and you will have to find a way to partially isolate yourself. This means removing anything that reminds of cigarettes and smoking, avoiding places where smokers gather and even spending some time away from other smokers (regardless if they’re your family or friends).

2.     Thinking about long-term options
This is not a sprint; this is a marathon. In order to achieve your goals you need to plan ahead. Ask yourself whether or not you can quit immediately or do you need some assistance. There are people who make transition with e-cigarettes and vapor juice, other find it easier to quit if they slowly reduce until they completely quit. One size doesn’t have to fit everyone. Create a process that will fit you and will allow you to stop smoking and more importantly, lose desire to smoke. Also, consider reasons why you might relapse after some time. If you eliminate these reasons your chances of making it are much higher.

3.     Changing your habits
Cigarettes definitely become a habit after a while. But the issue is not the cigarette themselves; the issue are all the other things we tend to do together with smoking. For example, a lot of smokers tend to light up a cigarette during a work break. There are those who love smoking first thing in the morning. These actions become normal for you and you start relating a work break with cigarettes. This can pose a problem because every time you take a break you will think of cigarettes which increases odds of relapsing. Now, certain habits and actions cannot be changed; you can’t stop having a work break. Still those habits you can change and which remind you of cigarettes should be eliminated.

4.     Financial option
I bet there are a lot non-smokers around you constantly reminding how you can save money if you stop smoking. Although this is something that can be really annoying, these people aren’t wrong. No matter how you look at it, cigarettes are a luxury. And by simply purchasing them, you are denying yourself some other luxuries you can have instead. If you put everything on a piece of paper you will know what I’m talking about. When you decide to quit smoking create a diary or a sheet. Start entering your daily cigarette costs inside. With this unspent money make sure to treat yourself with something nice; this will give you a mental boost persuading you to move forward.

5.     Healthy option

Although money is a good reason to quit smoking, most people do it in order to improve their health. As I already said, you will quickly start noticing impact of cigarettes on your body. Similar to money sheet, you can start training. As you simultaneously stop smoking and start training, your body will become much more resilient and your lung capacity will increase. You will be able to breathe freely and will have more energy. This will give you the mental incentive to continue on with training while disregarding tobacco. 

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