If you have just moved into a new house, and you are OK with the decor, but don’t feel at home yet, you might want to add some personal touches. Even if the layout of the property is great, you might want to make the taste and colour schemes of the previous owner disappear. Below you will find five tips on how to turn a house into your space on a budget and leave your mark everywhere.

1. Paint the Doors Unusual Colour
Image by Flickr
You most certainly have a favourite colour. If you want to make a statement and spice up the dull decor of your home, you might want to paint your doors. For just a few pounds you can get spray paint in almost any colour. If you are brave enough, you might even put different patterns on your doors. Study Feng shui to find out which front door colours attract positive energy. If you are planning a complete Feng Shui overhaul, you should check out Evolution Money for financing options.

2. Get Some Light Curtains
Image by IHA.com
Moving into an all white or Magnolia home can feel like you are in a hotel or a show house. Add some light through floral curtains and blinds. Add drapes over your windows, and control the light. Dress your living room windows in orange or yellow, and add some vibrant blue to improve your mood all day.

3. Create a Feature Wall
For a few pounds, you can get a roll of quality feature wall paper that will help you make a statement in your new home. A feature wall can be anywhere where you have shelves or a sideboard. If you create one in your bedroom, it should be by the bed. Whether you are the fan of jungle themes or underwater creatures, you will easily find the right feature wallpaper.

4. Get Some Shaggy Rugs
In case you want to feel more comfortable and happier in your home, you might want to add a sense of luxury. A soft rug in the bedroom can make you want to get out of your slippers as soon as you enter. If you have a wooden floor or laminate in the living room, you can make the space feel warmer by adding area rugs for colour and comfort.

5. Apply Decal
You can also update your current decor of the house using decal on the walls. While different quotes and shapes are available online, you might want to order your custom design to make your living room feel more like your kind of space. Decals that are made by professionals last for a long time, and save you a lot of money. Use flower motifs or quotes, create shapes and shadow-like decals to make your house look modern and unique.

After blowing your budget on your house purchase, the last thing you might want to do is start a huge home improvement project. Use the above tips to make the house feel like home on a budget, and personalize every corner of your property. Add colours, use decorative items, and don’t shy away from unusual designs.