Just like we love curly hair, we do not want to carry the same hairstyle on one virgin hair bundles always. At times getting the straight hair can be a little bit of trouble. Though Brazilian virgin hair saloons are the easiest way to just get the problem solved, you might want to know how easy saloons can do it and if possible the next time just do it yourself and save those extra dollars. As we all know there are two major ways of making our Brazilian virgin curly hair into that straight sleek that we want. They are 1) the no heat method which can be very healthy for your virgin hair bundle and the 2) heat method which will also work perfectly well though with a lot of clauses. Now let's get down to business.

The no heat method: - this involves the use of moisture and different virgin hair bundle care products to achieve the straight look. First thing first after damping your virgin hair bundle with water part your Brazilian virgin hair into small sections with a rattle comb and apply the wrap and roll solution foam to your hands and rub it in each section working your way through this process for the whole hair. Brush the hair with a brush that has a lot of bristles. The rattle comb makes the hair completely smooth while the brush makes it extra straight. Using your hands to pack the virgin hair together and use silk crunches to make a bulb. Now use a silk scarf preferably to wrap the Brazilian virgin hair tight and allow it dry. After you feel it's dry just go ahead and unwrap it, remove the silk crunches and apply your hair oil while also using your hand to smoothing it down and brushing.

The heat method: - here all sorts of heating virgin hair bundles tools and hair care products are used. First, you apply conditioner to your hair and cover with a plastic shower cap and allow sitting for thirty minutes. Then wash off using a mild sulphate-free shampoo. Towel dry and apply thermal protecting Brazilian virgin hair care oil. Using a blow drier and a round ceramic ironic bristle brush to reduce curls and tangling. The ceramic in the brush literally gets heated and speed up the straightening process. Next, you apply heat protector again and use a hot plate iron to straighten tilt e desired look is achieved. Then use an edge tamer to tame your edges.

With all these processes done and your Brazilian virgin curly hair is now straight and sleek, here are a few tips to prevent frizz and keep it that way for long. Number one- use satin products in everything that will touch your hair vendors like your pillowcases and bed sheet when you sleep satin is so soft and does not pull your hair this will even prevent breaking. 2) Buy caps with satin liners- this way the part touching will not be pulling the hair and causing frizz. Use satin crunches whenever to want to make a ponytail or any other hairstyle that will require you using the material on the virgin hair bundle.