A mom always wants what is best for her kids. One of the big issues that I run into with my son is choosing the right food supplement that is also compatible with him and on his current everyday activities.  
When my son reached seven, I noticed some changes.
  • He became less active ion playtime and preferred to stay at home playing PSP or computer games. 
  • Poor appetite. 
  • Sleepiness that makes him late to school.
  • Less active in school, I discovered he missed a lot on notes.
  • Slacking off.

My friends told me it is normal and a part of growing up. But I was not convinced. I came up a decision to change his vitamins. His doctor adviced to try Nutrilin Syrup Food Supplement.

After, a  couple of days, he is back to his old routine. 
  • Now he wakes up early. 
  • His good appetite is back.  
  • He is back on being active school activities again.
  • He enjoys the great outdoor.

Per 5 mL: Vitamins A 1330 IU, D3 200 IU, B1 0.9 mg, B2 0.9 mg, B6 600 mcg, B12 1.8 mcg, niacinamide 5 mg, dexpanthenol 3 mg, biotin 12 mcg, iron 10 mg, iodine 30 mcg, zinc 0.25 mg, magnesium 1.25 mg, manganese 0.25 mg, potassium 1.25 mg, taurine 20 mg, choline 2.5 mg.

Manufacturer: Pediatrica Inc.,  

I highly recommend Nutrilin Syrup to parents who have school aged child. Most of the moms I know are also satisfied with this food supplement. 


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