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Nutrilin Syrup for My Son

10:07 PM


A mom always wants what is best for her kids. One of the big issues that I run into with my son is choosing the right food supplement that is also compatible with him and on his current everyday activities.  
When my son reached seven, I noticed some changes.

  • He became less active ion playtime and preferred to stay at home playing PSP or computer games. 
  • Poor appetite. 
  • Sleepiness that makes him late to school.
  • Less active in school, I discovered he missed a lot on notes.
  • Slacking off.

My friends told me it is normal and a part of growing up. But I was not convinced. I came up a decision to change his vitamins. His doctor adviced to try Nutrilin Syrup Food Supplement.

After, a  couple of days, he is back to his old routine. 
  • Now he wakes up early. 
  • His good appetite is back.  
  • He is back on being active school activities again.
  • He enjoys the great outdoor.

Per 5 mL: Vitamins A 1330 IU, D3 200 IU, B1 0.9 mg, B2 0.9 mg, B6 600 mcg, B12 1.8 mcg, niacinamide 5 mg, dexpanthenol 3 mg, biotin 12 mcg, iron 10 mg, iodine 30 mcg, zinc 0.25 mg, magnesium 1.25 mg, manganese 0.25 mg, potassium 1.25 mg, taurine 20 mg, choline 2.5 mg.

Manufacturer: Pediatrica Inc.,  

I highly recommend Nutrilin Syrup to parents who have school aged child. Most of the moms I know are also satisfied with this food supplement. 


Healthy Snack #BiteMe #EatOrganic
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  1. Could this be the reason why our son is so active and keeps on running? He have this supplements when he was still less than 1 year old.

  2. Good thing it works for your son, my niece was using this before but di hiyang. Hiyangan din siguro. Have you tried apebone? (tama ba spell) hehe, that's what my niece is using right now :)

  3. I really wanted the best for for my 7-year old daughter. shes in grade school now and
    just in a sudden easy get caught by cough, can Nutrilin help?

  4. I'm really looking forward for the reviews of nutrilin loose of appetite check and lack of sleep because too much games after school. Im worried about my 7-year old daughter shes in gradeschool now and really so active, but often these times she easily get caught by cold and cough, can Nutrilin be up help?

    1. Hi sis, if your daughter has appetite problem,I always advixe to consult a doctor so you could get the best vitamin for her. But on my own experience, my son never loose appetite when he takes Nutrilin. Much better if you will also give her Vitamin C Supplement together with Nutrilin as a protection for colds and cough just like what I do with my son.

  5. I really wanted the best for for my 7-year old daughter. shes in grade school now and
    just in a sudden easy get caught by cough, can Nutrilin help?

  6. hmm now im thinking if i switch a vitamin for my kids :)

  7. What's best vitamins for kids for their lungs? Thanks!

    1. I suggest you to ask prescription from your Pediatrician, mommy. That way, they can check which vitamins delivers best for your kid. :)

  8. ano ba ang maganda painom s bata ng gabe o umaga

  9. Pwd po ba sabay nutrillin and apeton hi q? Plus celeen plus


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