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8:54 PM

I am staggered at how the time has flown. I just turned 28 last month, my eldest is 7 and my youngest turned one last July. I thank God for all the blessing we receive each day. There are so much to be so thankful about, I have a very flexible work which is our bread and butter especially at this time because hubby had a bit of trouble with his job, I have a  very supportive family and two very adorable kids.

The JOY 

I really think my mother must have wished me children like me. Both are sweet, funny and full of joy.

 At 7, my son is very responsible. He knows he need to get up at 6 in the morning and prepare himself to school. He is aware that I sleep at 4 in the morning and he wants me to just have a good rest after a crazy work. He wouldn't wait for me to remind him with his assignments and do it right away when he gets home. I love how he grown up to be very independent at 7. He knows how to get his younger siblings attention just to stop from bugging me and have enough time to finish from working. He is very patient when it comes to his younger brother no matter how big and heavy the toy it throws at his face, he just laugh off and tell me 'Mama look at what baby did to me' and gives me an almost crying look with big smile. He is still sweet to me, which I thought will changed when he reached this age. He often ask for a kiss and hug me so tight. I pray he grew up smart and healthy. My two major problem to him is he gets to be a picky-eater at times and he doesn't know how to control his temper when he gets annoyed.

At 14 months old, my youngest is very sweet and never fail to give everyone something to laugh about. When he smile, his eyes gets smaller which really makes him so adorable wanting everyone to just grab him and bite his toes or pinch his chubby cheeks. I see determination on how he wanna learn to walk. He stands alone and carefully step his huge feet. I'm thinking he's going to be very tall because I had a difficult time on buying him shoes. The last three months my son's shoe size was changing every month! He is really growing fast. I love how he insists on doing things he sees everyone do. Like when I am typing on my keyboard, when he sits on my lap, he tries his best to reach to the keyboard and type away. When we eat, he also like to hold his own spoon. He cries so much when someone heads the door. I guess that is so sweet.

Both of them are so close to us and makes me and my hubby hearts smile. 


My house is a mess so I need to work on home cleaning this week. I try to tackle parts of it when I get a burst of motivation. I'm losing the battle. I am glad hubby is such a great help and understand what I really cannot handle anymore. We have to clean because the in-laws are coming anytime, so maybe this place should look decent by the time family and friends come over.

Thank God I am blessed with a very wonderful family.

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  1. You're kids are lucky to have you as their mom. I'm sure they'll grow up to be someone you'd be proud of because of you.

  2. It's these kinds of reads, the love that you get from your kids, is something that encourages me to have kids of my own. I'm turning 30 in a few months. Hopefully, there's still time to catch up. :)

  3. I think my wife can relate to what you've been into and at the moment I am just glad that she made herself busy with his online business and the stock market.

  4. Wow! you surely know how to raise a wonderful and god fearing kid. God bless to you and your family ♥ more more blessings to come in your way :))

  5. This is such a sweet post and I am happy to know that despite the struggles of being a mom, you still enjoy it. I am not yet a mom, but I want to become one when I am ready and hope I can be as good of a mom as you. :3

  6. wow! good for you to live in a happy family life! may your happiness will stay forever! God bless you and your family girl!

  7. True Indeed. For me, I've fulfilled becoming a woman the moment we give birth to our child :) I'm so happy for you :)

  8. I can see my wife in you 45 years ago. Yes, its hard to raise kids, but you are doing alright. You are blessed to have a 'panganay' who is responsible enough na at his age.

  9. Having a child of our own is such a wonderful blessings from God. And we are so lucky to receive that blessings.

  10. Having a child is such a very wonderful blessings from God and we are so Blessed to have it.


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