Steven Depolo
Parenting is full of hundreds of challenges that you'll come up against, whether your child is newborn or 42 years old. You need to deal with many of these hurdles when they're children, even if a lot of them occur once they've left home. One of the most difficult problems most parents will deal with in their lifetime is bedtime. Putting your kids to bed can be an ongoing battle that can drive parents to madness. If you can't get your children to go to sleep, it can impact their health and happiness, as well as yours. Try using these quick tips to improve their bedtime routine and get your evenings to yourself again.

Keep Bedtime the Same
If there's one thing that's essential for a peaceful bedtime, it's a routine. Any parent should know how important routine is for children, and it's no different when it's time for bed. Setting up a routine for your little ones will help them know what to expect and let them wind down from the rest of the day. Remember that they need more sleep than you do, so set a firm time for them to be in bed. Everyone will have a different order of actions, but you might include a bedtime snack, a bath, and a story. Try to keep the routine the same, no matter what.

Get a Nanny Cam

One of the problems with putting the kids to bed is that you can't see them while they're in their bedroom. Whether they're seven months or seven years, it's helpful if you can keep an eye on them. But you don't want to sit in their room and watch them fall asleep, especially if they need to learn to go to bed alone. It's sometimes a good idea to get a nanny cam, which you can use to watch them and even communicate with them. You can look at a website with reviews of different cameras like Some will allow you to speak to them, so you can sooth your baby or tell your toddler to get back into bed. It also means you don't need to disturb their sleep if you want to check on them.

Wind Down with Quiet Time
Kids can spend all day bouncing off the walls, and by bedtime they're tired but not sleepy. They won't be able to lie down and sleep if they go straight from running around to getting into bed. Helping them relax in the evening is important so that they can decompress from their day. Your quiet time might involve a bath, reading a story or watching something calm and soothing on TV.

Stick to Bedtime Rules
One important thing to remember is to work as a team. If you're parenting with someone else, or there are older siblings, you need to agree on rules. You can't have mommy saying it's bedtime and daddy saying they can have five more minutes. Present a united front to get them to bed on time every night.

Getting your children to go to sleep can be one of the hardest things you ever do. But once you manage to get it right, you'll start to enjoying your bedtime routine.