Lots of children get bullied at school every year. It’s vital that parents know how to spot the signs and the best methods of dealing with the problem. In this post, you will learn the most suitable course of action for putting things right. It can be horrible to know that your kids are having a hard time. Just make sure you don’t lose your temper with the staff at their school. They are probably trying their best. It’s just that rules and regulations stop them from punishing the bully properly. 

Sit down with them and chat

Firstly, you need to sit down with your child and have a chat about the problem. They almost certainly feel embarrassed, and so they might not want to talk about it at first. However, you must keep pushing them until they describe what’s happening. Only then can you deal with the problem adequately. 

Call their school and speak to the principal

The next step is to call their school and tell the principal about the conversation. They will probably try to play it down and say the school is dealing with the problem. Just let them know that you will be in touch again if it isn’t sorted in a couple of days. 

Arrange an appointment to visit the school

Presuming the principal failed to stop the bully, the next step is to visit the school. Book an appointment to see the principal and take your child along too. Let the school see how distressed your little one has become over the situation. Hopefully, the school will then have no choice but to contact the bully’s parents and take things further. 

The infographic we’ve attached to this post gives lots of important facts and statistics about bullying. Make sure you take a look before you leave us today.

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