Bike SLO County
I think that staying fit and healthy should be something that you do as a family. You should eat healthy meals together and exercise together too. There are lots of ways you can get the kids to join in with physical activity, including having an aerobics session at home. But one of the best ways to get them moving is to get out and about. Lots of families like walking, and I do too, but I think family bike rides are awesome too. Everyone can come, from mum and dad to the baby of the family. If you want to take your children on bike rides, here's how you can get out there and have some fun.

Bicycles for the Parents

The first thing you need to start cycling is bikes. If no one has one, it can get a little expensive making sure everyone's equipped, but it's worth it. You have a choice between getting brand new bikes or used ones. The bonus of getting a new bicycle is that you can go to the store and find the right one for you. Even if you see one you like online, you can find a dealer to look at it in person. For example, you can buy Shinola bikes online or in store at your nearest supplier.

Kids' Bikes

Kitting out the kids with bicycles can be a bit more complicated than buying an adult bike. Trying a few out is a must! You need to find the right size for their age and height, else they won't be able to put their feet on the ground. Think about stabilizers too; can they already ride a bike or do they need to learn? Some children might want to start off with training wheels, or you could set them off on two wheels straight away. Don't forget safety equipment too, especially a helmet to protect their head.

Solutions for Tiny Ones

Some little ones are too small for a proper bike. However, there are several solutions you can use. The first of them is a seat on the back of your bicycle, which you can use when your baby can sit up unsupported. They're suitable for children weighing up to about 20kg, but check the restriction on your seat. Another option is a trailer behind mum or dad's bike, which you can use for two or even three children. They also sometimes double as buggies. Lastly, little ones who are walking could use a tricycle or a balance bike without pedals. Although, you may have to be prepared for a slow ride!

Where to Go

Now you're all kitted out, where should you go? Local parks are a perfect place to start, with smooth paths to pedal on. You can find lots of public paths that you can ride on too, such as those by canals and rivers. But check whether they're suitable for bicycles first, as the terrain could be difficult.

If you want your family to be healthier, getting out on a few bike rides is an excellent idea. So get out your bikes and start pedalling!