You've probably already heard that providing discount offers and coupons to your customers for your online store is a great way to encourage more people to shop. But how can you make use of coupons in the most strategic ways to get the best results in the shortest amount of time? Continue reading to learn more so that your online store can be a success.

Partner Up with Other Online Businesses

By partnering up with other online businesses, you can ask them to distribute your coupon offers to their audience, thereby increasing your own. Give these partners special coupons and discounts that no one can get anywhere else so that you can really track how many people came to your site and shopped as a result. And give the partners a portion of every sale that's made by their referral so they can feel more motivated to distribute the discount for you.

Measure Your Marketing Efforts

If you have a lot of different marketing campaigns going on at once, it can be even more difficult to keep track of all of them and realize the return on investment for each of them. To see what's working when it comes to advertising, though, you can use coupon codes.

To do so, simply associate a unique discount code to every marketing outlet. This means you would use a different code for your Facebook ad than you would for your Google ad. This allows you to see how much you've made in sales from each of your campaigns. 

Use Social Media to Distribute Coupon Codes

Simply posting coupon codes to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is yet another strategic way to use discounts to reach more people. The key is to use hashtags that are relevant to the brand or product that's discounted.
So, for example, you may post a status about 20% off #workoutgear from a particular brand, such as #Nike and then apply the link to the discount offer. When you post on Facebook, add an image to the status to make it even more attention grabbing. Just be sure that the statuses are succinct, easy to read and understand, and specific.
Another way to use coupon codes on social media is to reward your loyal fans and followers, as well as get new ones. Allow access to a special discount only after people have "liked" your Facebook page or "followed" you on Twitter.

Offer a Discount to First-Time Buyers

Another great way to generate more sales from new customers is by offering a discount code to first-time buyers. First off, click here to start designing a winning online store that has everything an online shopper would need. After you've set up your online store, ensure that a popup offer appears on the screen with a discount code that only first-time buyers can use (or you can simply place the discount offer at the top of the screen so that people can see it easily). This will force them to create an account, and it will entice them to make a purchase because they know that that's the only way they can use the code.

Build Your Email List

Your email list is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your customers, and it's a great way to promote new products and sales that can be found on your website at any time of year. Plus, you can send discount codes to reward your customers on your email list.

To encourage even more email list signups, offer visitors a discount code just for signing up. In fact, you can combine the previous tip with this one and offer a discount code for first-time buyers who are also first signing up for your email list.

Be More Competitive

If you're running an online store and selling products that are found in an oversaturated market, you really need to take big steps to remain competitive and ahead of the competition. And one way to drive more traffic to your online shop and encourage customers to choose you over the competition is by offering coupons. An extra 10% off may not seem like much, but it could mean the difference between someone shopping with you or going to another website for a better deal.

Ultimately, if you run an online store, you need to be aware of the competition and you need to figure out ways of generating higher amounts of traffic and higher conversion rates. Using coupons in strategic ways will help you achieve both.