Jollibee's Kiddie Chef Workshop #ILoveYouSabado

Both my kids got invite for Jollibee's Kiddie Chef Workshop last Saturday. They were so excited most especially my grade schooler since he did not made it last year. While my 3 yo has always been adrenalized to the thought of meeting the Jollibee mascot. We, parents can relate to the eagerness to see mascots because we were kids once!

Well, due to excitement, were early birds! We were 30 minutes ahead of the call time so we had time to take photos and look around the function area. 

It was a 2 hour of fun play and workshop where they demonstrate to the kids how to prepare their best selling Jolly Burger and Jolly Spaghetti. Then, they will let the kids prepare their own foods which kids enjoyed alot. They get to experience how to make the foods before its served to the customers. 

 The workshop has made the whole food preparation fun and educational for kids. They enjoy making their own burgers, and follow instructions from the initial til the last step.

Also, they poured spaghetti sauce to their pasta and added some grated cheese. They were guided accordingly not to pour more than necessary sauce.

Of course, they also eat their self made burger and spaghetti!
This workshop was indeed a fun learning experience for children. They went home happy and full of delightful stories to share to everyone.
It is one great way to expose your child to interact and have fun with other kids, and at the same time learn food preparation. Aside from that, this workshop can also be a great bonding experience for parents and kids.

For more information about Jollibee, visit their Facebook Page:

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