When it comes to staying motivated in fitness, most people tend to struggle. Things go smoothly for a week, or a few weeks. In some cases, they even go smoothly for a few months. Then something happens and we go off the rails. We’ve all been there! Maybe you don’t think you’re getting results quick enough. Maybe you’ve been on that holiday you were focused on, and now you don’t have much of a reason to continue working out and eating right. Don’t panic. Here’s the ultimate guide to staying motivated in fitness:

Have Long Term and Short Term Goals
Having both long term and short term goals should keep you focused for the foreseeable future. For instance, your short term goal could be to lose an inch off your stomach. Your long term goal could be to become a quicker sprinter. There are so many different goals you could adopt as your own, but you need to think about what you really want and what’s going to motivate you. Getting fit for a holiday is great, but you should want to continue your new healthy lifestyle afterwards. After all, it’s always summer somewhere!

Accept Wobbles As A Part Of It
Wobbles are going to be a part of your journey. This isn’t something you do for a few weeks or months, and then live with your healthy fit body forever. You have to keep on working at it. Sometimes, you just won’t want to work out at all. Sometimes, you’ll want to curl up in bed with ice cream. As long as you’re not doing this all the time, it’s fine. Have your wobble and then get back on the horse. You’ll be so happy you did! Just because you have setbacks, doesn’t mean you should give up!

Make Sure You’re Being Realistic With Your Goals
Are your goals realistic? Saying you want to lose a stone in a month isn’t realistic. Many people try to rush their fitness journey, but trying to get faster results usually leads to doing things you can’t stick to. You could end up starving yourself, or exhausting yourself with OTT workouts. Being realistic means taking your time and being patient.

Have A Routine Or Schedule You Like To Stick To
Don’t just go to the gym when you feel like it. If we all did this, we’d never go! Have a routine or a schedule you like to stick to. Maybe you like the gym in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Going at a similar time each day should help you develop good habits. Some like exercising in the morning to set them up for the day. Others like exercising in the evening to let off steam. It’s all a personal preference, so experiment and see what routine works for you.

Create A Plan That You Really Enjoy
One reason many people put this off is because they think that it won’t be enjoyable. However, exercise should be enjoyed! The food you eat should be enjoyed. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you have to hate it. Test out different styles of exercise and see what you like to do. You’re bound to find one that you like. Just remember that incorporating lots of different styles makes for better overall fitness. You can also create many healthy recipes. Get creative and enjoy yourself! Think of all of those endorphins.

Find A Good Way To Measure Your Results
Measuring your results is crucial to staying motivated. Many people give up or fall off the wagon because they don’t think they’re getting results. However, when you compare your results, you soon realize that you are! Just make sure you don’t put all your faith into the scale. It can be quite inaccurate. Using it maybe once a week or every few weeks to making sure you’re going in the right direction is OK, but do not pay much attention to the number. It doesn’t mean anything! As long as you feel and look great, what does the number matter? Take progress pictures instead. They’re best if you wear the same clothes and stand in the same pose. You can also take measurements.

Treat Yourself To Fitness Gear
Sometimes, all it takes is a nice new gym top and some cool fitness gear to get back into your routine. It might sound silly, but wanting to wear your new top could be just what you need to feel like working out. Make sure you have clothes you feel comfortable in, and accessories that help you work out better. An armband for your iPod or phone is a must. You might even want to look into the best spinning bikes if you’re looking for home equipment.

Be Your Own Motivation
You absolutely must be your own motivation. Comparing yourself to other fit people like fitness models and celebrities will not help you. In most cases, it’ll just get you down because if their unrealistic, photoshopped bodies. Instead, look at how far you’ve come and aim to be the best version of yourself. There’s only one you, so be your own motivation!


Learn As Much As You Can
Learning as much as you can about fitness will allow you to come up with your own plans and meals. You’ll also be able to make your own informed decisions, rather than by going with what others say. Read books and watch Youtube videos from the pros. Ignore magazines and other mainstream media!

Know How To Break Out Of Plateaus
A plateau can happen when we’ve been working out for a while. Progress just stops. You can break out of your plateau by changing up your routine in some way. Maybe change reps, or an exercise. Maybe add an exercise in or swap one out. There are lots of different things you can try. Just don’t give up!

Don’t Deprive Yourself
If you really want that cookie, eat it. It’s better than craving it so badly you end up eating the whole packet, or binging later on. If you have a night out coming up, go an enjoy yourself. Just make sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle most of the time. You shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness and life for abs!