Younger Looking Skin? Pond's Age Miracle Cream #Review

Pond's is one of the most popular skincare product I know effective in making skin beautiful. Aside from its effectiveness, the price is very reasonable and easily available in nearest groceries and drugstores.

I am in my 30's, so I need to take care of my skin more if I don't want to suffer from skin ageing. I can already notice fine lines in my forehead and it freaks me out. No, its not my age that freaks me out, but the wrinkles. Even at my age, I wanted to look and feel good about myself for my loved ones and myself. Also, taking proper care of your skin is a practice of considered proper personal hygiene.

When I had the chance to shop at, I picked Pond's Age Miracle since I have seen positive reviews and swears to this product.

Pond's Age Miracle 10g

What it claims:
Helps regenerate skin faster and is intelligently created to target fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots for exceptionally smooth and bouncy skin. Unlock your youth potential. Make them guess your real age.

What I like:
SPF 15
Very nice scent
A little goes a long way

I use this cream everyday. It's SPF 15 makes me feel protected when going out at daytime. I can finish this small pot in 15-20 days. After I finished one small pot, the visible fine lines in my forehead disappeared! I am at my 4th pot now, and I am continuously loving the result. As most users agreed, this product is very effective. I know, its my fave anti aging cream from now on!

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