Well if you have a work at home mom family member or friends and you are still on the hunt of that perfect present for the holiday season, I got a list of gift ideas you might consider. These gift ideas are perfect for Christmas season or even on birthdays and or other occasions.

1. Pillows - pillows can be seen anywhere in an home office. Pillows make sitting comfortable and more relaxing. A neck pillow can be very useful too especially when a quick power nap is needed.

2. GC - Shopping is fun, GCs from the nearest supermarkets or shopping malls are always highly appreciated. And yes, helps a lot in family budget :)

3. Power bank - Most of the time, online freelancers are gadget dependents. The only way to communicate to outside world, catching up with friends and relatives is through cellphones and ipads so a power bank is useful enough.

4. Bag organizer - Every mommy needs this in her purse!

5. Facial mask - Since a full time work at home mom can't really treat herself to salon in regular basis due to super hectic schedules with work and kids, facial masks she can use are highly appreciated.

6. Kitchen equipment or tools - Ofcourse mommies always love anything kitchen related. It can be a new blender, slow cooker, baking equipment, etc.

7. Notepads, sticky notes and pens - for a mom's home office, papers and pens are a must. They tend to forget small things like putting the trash cans outside.

8. Planner - This is one of the best things to give for work at home mommies. A planner helps to keep track of important things on a daily basis. Planne ris a big help to organize all the daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

9. Pjs - Since work at home moms spend the whole time at home, a pair of new pjs is a perfect gift

10. Tumbler / coffee mugs - Most Work at home moms are coffee dependent, lol. A tumbler or a coffee mug will be very useful if you plan to give one. If you can have it personalized with the name or photo of the receiver, that would be great!