Owning a home is a truly magical experience. You are in control of the design and functionality; you get to turn it into your own little space in the World. There are endless projects to spruce up your living quarters but one thing remains when you’re living with others: sometimes you need personal space.

Living with a spouse, and/or with children, relatives, and the like, further solidifies the feeling of a home but there are times when you need to be on your own whether it’s to do work or to simply take a mental break from the others. Since you are all living in the same space it can be hard to disconnect once you’ve settled on a design and the function of the rooms.

There are ways to add personal space to your personal space, though.

For one, you could use room divider curtains to create a visual break between the areas. These curtains are fantastic for smaller living spaces, which may share adjacent space without a completed wall or door. They are easy to set up and come in many designs; they are exactly as you imagine: very large curtains but instead of covering windows they are covering your personal space.

That should take care of the inside of your average spaces, such as blocking off private areas when guests are over or if you want to corral the children into their own play area.

Another idea is to take full advantage of a spare bedroom to become a home office. A home office where you can work in peace can do wonders for your productivity and it also unlocks the potential to start a side gig while in pajamas since it’s all there. You could design this space on your personal preference or take into consideration if you happen to share the area with your spouse. All you need is a desk, computer, and the right resources to keep your tasks on track and you’re in business. No more will you have the kids coming up and disrupting important work when you’re stuck at the kitchen table.

Now you’ve got a professional space of your own; maybe you could even start working from home for a day or two!

When you’re thinking outdoor space, you have plenty of options whether you want to incorporate some form of furniture or go natural and use flora to create a nook. Those up to the challenge could take on the project of building a gazebo which would certainly add value to the home while giving you a relaxing space to get away and read. On the inexpensive end, you could simply setup a hammock and surround the area with shrubs and other small plants to seclude yourself from normal activity in the yard.

You get the added benefit of taking in the sun and fresh air along with the fact that people probably won’t bother you since they’ll want to stay inside.

You’d be surprised on the creativity you’ll unlock when you want some time to yourself. There are a million different ways to find your personal space when you’re ready to do the DIY. Find a way to incorporate the current design with these features that add personal space.

Time to kick back and relax (without those nagging voices).