These days, a lot of people are a fan of blending. And no, not just the occasional blend of, say, a few flavours of ice-cream; blending has become a way of life for a lot of people. Many people have embraced a blended lifestyle, but have you? Here are just five reasons why you might want to consider it.
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The Speed of Preparation
Speed of food preparation is an important factor in the use of blenders for a lot of people, especially in the morning when they’re late for work. They know that if they don’t have anything to give them enough strength to last the day right now, they’re not even going to be able to make it to lunch time without flaking out. But they also know that their bus is due or that the traffic will be bad, so they don’t have the time to make themselves a nutritious and filling breakfast. An easy solution to this: throwing all those lovely ingredients they have into a blender and letting it do the work for them, allowing them to simply pour it into a container and then drink at their heart’s content, even as they travel to work.

The End Result is Filling
If blended at the right thickness, blended smoothies can be almost food like. If blended extremely thick it is possible to even ‘chew’ the smoothie and maybe even eat it with a spoon. This allows the digestive enzymes in the mouth to pre-initiate digestion, resulting in a feeling of fullness not too dissimilar to that you feel after a three-course meal, only done a lot faster and a lot easier. Blenders really are a viable option to replace meals; however, this doesn’t mean sit down meals should be banished completely.

Science Has it’s Back
As well as this, there are a great amount of other nutritious values having a blended smoothie can provide for your body. If you have a green smoothie, for instance, you can easily get your five a day in, weight loss is easier (click here to see the facts), your immune system is boosted and you are provided with natural energy, rather than caffeine or sugars. Also, blending doesn’t have the impact on your blood sugar as other options do, such as juicing. Fibre is one great way to lower the glycemic index of a food, and juicing eliminates just about every shred of fibre, whilst blending doesn’t. It also makes it easier to eat your fats. By dumping everything from avocados to coconut milk into your blender you can easily hit your daily requirements for anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids and other fats that are crucial for your cholesterol, blood, joint, brain and nerve health.

Produces Little Waste
So, if getting all that nutritious goodness at such a speed hasn’t persuaded you so far, then maybe the amount of (or in this case, the lack of) cleaning up to do after using a blender is unparalleled to any other type of food preparation. Blenders such as the Vitamix 5200 prevent spills, which subsequently means the retaining of all the nutritious content you put in there and that waste is averted.

Allows Easy Consumption of Superfoods and Vegetables
Soups, for example, are a perfect platform to get the whole gang of vegetables back to together for one appetising meal. But if soups aren’t really for you, there are other ways to get all that superfood goodness. As smoothies can be made with a wide range of ingredients, you can put everything and anything you want in them to make a drink that’s not only good for you, but tastes amazing. Wheatgrass powder is a superfood option that you should definitely consider putting in to a smoothie. Because wheatgrass has an unusual and distinctive taste, meaning you’re not likely to want it usually, putting it into a smoothie makes it easier to consume, and your insides will soon be thanking you.

With it be the quickness of preparation, that fact it is a viable replacement for food as well as doing great things for your insides, the way it cuts down on the washing up and gives you easy access to superfoods, blending certainly is an option everybody, including any naysayers. But if these five reason to blend haven't got you looking online right now (in another tab, of course) for the best blenders on the market, then check another fifteen reasons why you should start a blended diet today.