Keeping healthy in this day and age can be hard. We all lead very busy lives and have very tight budgets, which means that we often end up buying things that are easiest and cheapest to cook but actually turn out to be bad for us! Ready made meals may seem good at the time but they can be bad for your body. To the untrained eye it’s hard to find things that are good for you, but if you carry on reading you’ll not have to worry about it!

Tinned Tuna
Possibly one of the most commonly seen things in a supermarket is tinned tuna. We’ve all seen stacks of it on the shelves in circular cans, but is it any good for you? Well the answer is yes! People often stay away from tinned tuna because it is tinned, but nothing is changed from the tuna when it is canned. It still remains an excellent source for lean protein as well as omega 3 oils which are hugely beneficial to the body. It’s cheap and easy to use too, you can throw it into any dish you want and it will go perfectly, it’s already cooked too so you need not worry about doing anything wrong to it and giving yourself food poisoning.

Plain Noodles
A lot of us will eat instant noodles when we don’t have the time to make something, however eating just plain noodles is really good for your body. They take 5 minutes to cook in boiling water, and they are a very good source of carbohydrates. They contain very little of any other macronutrient within them, which means they have very little salt or fat in them but they’re guaranteed to fill you up and give you the energy you need to get through the day. Anyone can make them too, so teach your kids how to, and it’s cheap too so why not?

Detox Fruits
Eating detox fruits after a period of bad food eating is the perfect way to say sorry to your body and get it back to running as it should be. Most fruit counts as detox as they all have a high amount of antioxidants within them, which means that they are able to stop a lot of the negative processes caused in the body by things known as free radicals. They are also high in liquid content which means that they can easily wash away toxins that are present within the body, another great benefit. They give you your daily doses of vitamins, but be careful not to go overboard with it because it can have negative effects! It’s all cheap and easily accessible, even more of a reason to try them out. It’s not just fruit though, there are other great ways to detox so you should keep them in mind too.

Including all of these things in your diet is recommended because of the individual health benefits each one brings. Detox fruits will cleanse your body of the toxins and other negative substances in your body, getting some normal noodles down you will give you the carbs you need and eating tinned tuna will give you the right amount of oils and protein you need. Of course there are other ways to improve your health that doesn’t involve foods, which you can find out about here.