5 Dog-Friendly Summer Vacation Destinations Around The Globe

Pet parents rejoice! Your furry family members are welcome more than ever. Thousands of hotels, restaurants, beaches, and resorts have opened their doors and services for pet owners. Traveling with your dog in 2018 has been a joy so far and with summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about your long awaited vacation plans.

Pack your essentials, don't forget the doggy treats, and check out these top 5 summer vacation destinations that put "friendly" in "pet-friendly"

Lake Tahoe, US

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in the US and has been voted numerous times as the most beautiful lake in the country. This natural gem sits in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and offers tourist attractions all year round. With its amazing beaches, awe-inspiring clear water and being surrounded by the captivating Sierra Mountains - Tahoe is something you just have to experience for yourself to recognize it's one-of-a-kind beauty.

 So what about your dog? Will he have fun? Besides having 38,000 square feet of space to run his heart out at the Bijou Dog Park, your canine pal can stay with you at Zephyr Cove Resort, a series of cozy cabins located along the shoreline. Kiva Beach is dog-friendly so both you and your pooch can get a nice tan, but if the need for some privacy arises, you can safely leave your pet at Tahoe Best Friends - a cage-free daycare for dogs.

Paris, France

The French adore their Bichons and they love taking them to restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes. In fact, most of the public transport is pet-friendly. While France has a huge number of potential summer vacation destinations, Paris is the place you want to be if traveling with your dog. While museums like the Louvre will be off-limits, you can still enjoy most of the tourist attractions and prominent walking areas with your furry friend. Investigate all the nooks and crannies and delve into everything the "City of Light" has to offer with your sidekick by your side.

Tossa de Mar, Spain

Wine and tapas, football and flamenco, Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia - there is so much to enjoy in this beautiful and culturally rich country. No matter what location you choose to visit, Spain is gorgeous and the people are friendly and welcoming both towards tourists and their canine companions. If you're looking for a specific coastal destination that boasts some of the most beautiful resorts that are also pet-friendly, Tossa de Mar is a good choice.

Conveniently located about an hour and a half from Barcelona, this beach town is part of the coastal region of Costa Brava. You'll find numerous restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine, bars where you can drink refreshing Sangria and several bike rentals where you can equip yourself with the best means of transportation to explore the city with your dog. There's even a medieval Moorish tower overlooking the city!

London, UK

While the UK might not seem like the ideal summer vacation destination because of it's mostly cloudy weather, London is one of those cities you should visit at least once in your lifetime so why not do it this summer? The British have a long-lasting history of owning pets with even the Royal Family being huge fans of Corgis so it's no wonder that the capital city is home to the largest number of dog grooming salons and spas.

While you can stay and enjoy an afternoon in some of London's most famous green spaces like Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, there is always the option to hop on the National Rail train lines - since they are all pet-friendly - and further explore the British Isles.

Sydney, Australia

If you can get around the fact that Australia is thousands of miles away from just about any location in the world and that it's going to be a lengthy plane ride, visiting the “Land Down Under” might be the perfect summer vacation. Aussies have adopted a pet-friendly attitude from their fellow Brits and even surpassed them in some aspects. Sydney boasts some of the most luxuries pet-friendly hotels - like the renovated Langham which delivers a five-star service within their Pampered Pets Program.

If you are able to rent a car,  the must-see stunning Blue Mountains are a 3-hour drive away. Located just outside the Sydney Metro area, this magical place offers some of the most amazing opportunities for a walk with your dog.

Flying Tips

Since you will be flying to most of these destinations - especially Australia - it's good to know that some airlines, like Virgin Australia, have a frequent flyer program for pets which makes flying with your dog or cat much easier. The pets are located in the cargo hold which is temperature controlled just like the aircraft cabin so you don't have to worry. In order to fly with your pet, you'll need a veterinary certificate and a good carrier so make sure to get both beforehand. If you need help in finding the right size or the adequate quality, check out some of the reviews of airline approved pet carriers by Kobi Pets.


As you can tell, the trend of traveling with a pet is spreading fast, and on a global level, without any sign of slowing down. More and more countries and establishments are treating domesticated animals as their regular tourists which just makes things so much more convenient for you as loving owner. No more separation anxiety and no more pet sitters - it's time to enjoy a real family holiday with furry members included!

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