How to Help Your Teen Deal with the Stress of School

High school has always been a trying and difficult few years for teens. Not only are they trying to work through their own emotions and feelings as they grow and learn about themselves, but they are dealing with some rather heavy workloads when it comes to school responsibilities. Stress, pressure, and anxiety are all common issues that teens deal with, and it can be hard for them to find a way to cope.

If your teenager is struggling with the stress of school, there are things you can do to help. Let’s take a closer look.

Get Them Help for School Work
One of the biggest stressors for teens can be the actual workload and the content of their classes. For parents who have ever peeked inside their teen’s calculus textbook for example, there’s a good chance you instantly felt overwhelmed and dizzy just looking at the content.

Rather than watching them struggle, why not hire a tutor or find a service that can help them with their studies. Take for example, which offers video tutorials, and problems that they can work through and get a better grasp on the material.

Help Them Get Organized
Sometimes stress is caused by being unprepared or unorganized, both of which can happen when your teen is busy with a variety of activities, tasks, and responsibilities. This is when you can step in and help them to get organized. This may require a schedule or day planner, downloading a scheduling app on their smart device, and creating a board with reminders.

It’s also useful to create a study space for them that provides them will all the area they need to spread out their books, not be bothered by distractions, and work in a relaxed and quiet environment.

Encourage a Healthy Life Balance
Another tip is to encourage your teen to find that healthy life balance. What this means is that time is given to their studies, their part-time job, any activities or sports they are in, socializing with friends, and family time. Only when their life is balanced will they feel more at-ease and happy. This is something that can be easier said than done though, so it may take some practice before they learn how to achieve balance.

Be There to Listen to Them
Then there is the final tip, which is to be that empathetic ear when they need to vent and talk. Listening to your teen can help with their emotional security, making them feel stronger and more supported. You aren’t there to scold, or point out negatives, instead just listen and only offer advice when they ask for it.

A Tough Time That Can Require a Little Help
Getting through those teenage years and making it through the stress of high school is no easy task. For some teens it’s much harder than it is for others, which is exactly why you will want to be there as a parent to help them figure out how to deal with their stress in a healthy way.

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