7 Tips to Turn Your Yard into Summer Haven

By now you should have done everything to prepare your backyard for the summer. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, consider going back to the basics. For those of you who have mowed the lawn and got rid of those pesky weeds, keep on reading because it's time to take your yard to the next level.

Postpone those vacation plans and invest the money you save into your own home instead. A few new trees and plants can go a long way, but if you really want to make your backyard the envy of your neighborhood and a getaway to relax in during the long hot days - follow these 7 simple tips and create your own haven you can enjoy all summer.

1. Plant Some Color
Adding new colorful vegetation can substantially change the feel of your backyard. Opt for annuals and perennials that bloom during the whole season and even transition into fall. Tall garden phlox can grow up to 47 inches and come in a variety of colors including white, red, and pink. These fragrant flowers are a welcome addition to any aesthetically pleasing garden. Ornamental onions, also known as Alliums, are beautiful and easy to grow but also very resistant to pests. Combine these with the fiery red Cardinal flower and the bright yellow Helenium and you've got yourself an entire pallet of vivid colors. Don't forget to spread some fresh mulch since it will not only supply your flowers with the needed nutrients but can also compliment your yard's aesthetics.

2. Organic Food For You And Your Family
Since you already got your hands dirty in the garden, you might as well plant some vegetables and fruit. If that giant flowerbed took all the space, you can get creative and make your own vertical pallet garden. Grab an old wooden pallet you probably have lying around in the shed and cut it in half using a circular saw, or you can also buy wooden pallets. Place some landscape fabric and staple it inside and on the sides. Fill your new pallet garden with soil and plant your favorite veggies and fruits. You can go with pretty much anything you like, I prefer organic strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and some fresh culinary herbs like basil, thyme, coriander and maybe some parsley.

3. Stick To Simple Furniture Options
The idea is spending time in your upgraded backyard while drinking your favorite cold drink to cool off or eating a salad you prepared using fresh ingredients from your own garden. In order to enjoy this adequately, you'll need something to sit on. Look online for a used bistro set that fits your backyard theme and doesn't require a lot of space. Don't go for anything that would take away from the beauty of your garden, stick to a simple design. Bistro sets come in a wide variety of styles and materials - from wrought iron to unfinished wood for that natural look. If you love DIY projects, making your own furniture is always an option. There are tons of videos online on how to make a simple yet effective farmhouse table with benches.

4. A Warm Family Gathering Needs A Fire Pit
So what about those cool summer evenings? A pair of blankets can help keep your family and friends warm but nothing beats a good old fire pit. You can buy a solid copper one at Walmart or your local Home Depot for a relatively small amount of money, but if you're like me and want to build your own it's really easy to do so. All you need is fireproof wall blocks, either trapezoidal or rectangular, depending on the design you're going for; some crushed gravel for your base; construction adhesive, remember to apply it to every single block; crushed stone for the bottom, either granite or lava rock make a nice dry surface and that's it. It's a simple Saturday afternoon project for a gathering place everyone can enjoy.

5. Simple Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Backyard
Incorporating lighting into your backyard can be a simple yet very effective way to turn your outside area into an enchanting place. In order to keep things budget friendly, we're turning to DIY projects once again. For a cozy atmosphere, consider running a couple of wires and hanging cheap paper lanterns or even old spice jars that you can decorate on your own. If you don't have tall trees or a roof to hang the lanterns from, you can make simple string light poles. Another great idea is making your own tiki torches using recycled wine bottles. Hey, just sticking to candles is always an option right?

6. Get A Cozy Hammock
A lazy Sunday spent in the backyard is not complete without a cozy hammock you can relax in and successfully forget about the fact that Monday is just around the corner. ideally, you can put it up between two trees that are close enough to each other, but there is a solution if that's not the case. Opt for one of those self-standing hammocks that you can move around freely and even save space. I won't go into too many details which brand or product is the best, but you can find a bunch of backyard hammock reviews over at Gearhub.

7. Wind Chimes Offer Decoration And Relaxation
To complete your garden of relaxation you need to get a wind chime. This wonderful decorative object dances to its own music when struck by a cool breeze. Wind chimes will tuck you in with their soothing tingling sound and make you fall asleep in your hammock in a matter of minutes. They're a cheap decoration for your backyard, but if you're going for a for a unique look you can also make them yourself using copper tubing or sea glass.

8. Something For The Kids To Enjoy
In order to raise healthy and active kids, you need to provide them with enough motivation to enjoy outdoor activities, and that can be difficult in today's digital age where video games occupy the majority of their free time. If the surroundings allow it, build a swing using an old truck tire; Tell your kids how much you've enjoyed hopscotch when you were their age; If your household is full of little creatives, there are affordable options for blackboards that you can mount on your fence and let your kids discover their inner-Picasso.

Apply all of these tips or pick two or more of your favorite ones and you'll have a backyard that's worth coming home to and even harder to leave. Summer is just around the corner so you better get to work if your oasis of relaxation is going to become a reality.

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