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How to Get Rid of Perioral Dermatitis

It is common to search for a natural face moisturizer or other skin cleansing products when suffering from perioral dermatitis. This inflammatory condition involves a rash around the mouth, and this rash may spread to the nose and eyes, transitioning into periorificial dermatitis. It often appears scaly and bumpy with clear fluid discharges. The key to treatment is finding the right medication, cream, scrub or remedy, but this process shouldn’t be rushed into. Take time to understand the condition first.  


Before taking a deep-dive into Blume Meltdown acne oil reviews, take the time to understand the causes of this version of dermatitis. While there is no definitive explanation as to the cause of perioral dermatitis, many experts believe it may relate to the use of topical steroids, certain nasal sprays and other cosmetic ingredients, such as petroleum or paraffin. Other possible triggers include fungal or bacterial infections, birth control pills, excessive or constant drooling and fluorinated toothpaste.


The most apparent symptom of perioral dermatitis is a rash of red bumps, which often secrete a clear liquid. The rash appears around the mouth and in the folds of the nose. The condition may cause an itchy or burning sensation. Also, the small bumps may contain pus and resemble acne. As the condition worsens, the rash can spread to other areas of the face, which is why diagnosis and treatment are essential.


While most doctors or dermatologists can diagnose perioral dermatitis with a simple visual examination, it is not uncommon for them to perform a skin culture test to verify and rule out infection. The test is noninvasive and only requires a swab of the affected area, which is then sent out for testing. If the rash is unresponsive to standard treatments, then the doctor may want to perform a skin biopsy.


While your doctor will need to examine you to specify the correct treatment option for you, the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology recommends you stop using nasal sprays and topical creams that contain steroids. The use of steroids in these products can aggravate symptoms of perioral dermatitis and might even be the cause. However, always discuss treatments with your doctor. With that said, medications and natural therapies do exist.

Your doctor may feel that your condition requires a prescription. Medications might include topical antibiotic treatments, immunosuppressive creams, topical acne medications, or oral antibiotics. Some of the most common medicines include metronidazole, erythromycin, pimecrolimus, tacrolimus, adapalene, azelaic acid, doxycycline, tetracycline, minocycline or isotretinoin.

        Natural treatments
Natural treatments primarily include lifestyle changes to help prevent dermatitis outbreaks or flare-ups. For example, instead of using harsh face scrubs or perfumed cleansers, use warm water and mild soaps. Avoid all steroid creams, even hydrocortisone. Reduce the use of cosmetics, makeups and sunscreens. Limit salty and spicy foods. Also, wash towels and pillowcases in hot water. 

Treating perioral dermatitis and limiting flare-ups is about understanding the condition and knowing what triggers potential outbreaks — also, frequent trips to your doctor or dermatologist to receive treatment and care. Always seek advice from a medical professional, and look to mild and steroid free cleansers from reputable distributors.

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