Sunken Trampolines: How to Install Your In Ground Trampoline

When people spend a lot of time on the Internet, smartphones, or in front of TVs, outdoor fun is a bit forgotten. The screens replaced the hours and hours spent playing and hanging out. So, in order to get out and have fun, you and your kids need something more interesting than social networks and cartoons. A trampoline can be the right choice.

There are many great things about in-ground trampolines. Some models can be costly, but many of them are available at a reasonable price. You can get an affordable bouncing device for hours of outdoor fun. In addition to affordability, trampolines also offer a lot of health benefits. More on them read here.

Many parents think of the DIY trampoline installation. When it comes to in-ground models, there are few things to keep in mind. If you planned to install this bouncing device on your own, you need to know your backyard, have some basic tools, some free time, and a lot of patience.

Dig In

First of all, you need the dimensions of the space where you will be installing the bouncing device. If you can't measure them, you can call a professional to give you the proper instructions. Besides, you can also get some tips from the landscapers so that you can know exactly how to dig a hole for your new bouncing playground.

Keep in mind that, in addition to the bouncing device, there will be a retaining wall and bars in the hole that will fasten the safety enclosure. The hole should be larger than the trampoline’s dimensions. Even if you dig it too big, you can always back-fill it at the end. As for the depth, it should be at least 75 centimeters.

Placing Bouncing Device

The only way to install the trampoline according to all safety requirements is to adhere to the manufacturer’s guide to the T. Avoid sinking the bouncing device too close to objects or trees. Ensure that the structure is secured firmly. Otherwise, it might just come loose in a short time and cause an accident. Take care that the attached parts of the frame provide even tension.

Between the strings and the mat is space through which water will pass. The soil will generally absorb most of it, but in the event of heavy rainfall, water retention can be a problem. Bacteria and insects can settle there, and your trampoline can root. The simplest and cheapest way to solve this problem is a drainage pump that will suck water out of the hole.

If you think of building a drainage system, here’s what you should know:

Air circulation is another thing you must not forget, so that jumping on a trampoline would be a real pleasure. Without adequate ventilation, no high bouncing would be possible. Dig a trench to keep the airflow. Also, consider lifting the device a little off the ground. It may not be even with the ground, but the jump's quality will be much better.

Safety Matter

A safety net is something you should think of if you want your bouncing area to be extra safe. You must ensure that the enclosure is installed correctly. You should also put the safety bars on the trampoline to make it easier for your youngsters to keep the balance.

Once the frame is stable, you can then put the enclosure on it. Remember, you’ll need extra few inches in a hole diameter if you plan to install a safety net. You must put it on sunken trampolines if you can’t install them away from obstacles. Try to get UV resistant nets, as they won’t root.

After finishing the installation, you have to carefully inspect the bouncing area before kids jump on it. Make sure that the frame is stable enough and fixed. Check whether safety bars are well-secured to the structure and no loose connections in the frame.

These are some of the essential points that you need to consider when you want to know how to install an in-ground trampoline for kids. But there is actually no need for you to worry about these issues. All you need to do is follow the instructions, and you’re good to go, i.e., jump.

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