Gardening is one great way to decorate your backyards. Colorful flowers and different plants are always pleasing to the eyes. If you live in the city and don’t have enough space outside to build even a small garden, you can always go for indoor plants.

There are many kinds of indoor plants, ferns, palms, peace lilies, Anthuriums, Pothos, and many more. Just choose the right indoor plants based on the intensity of light that travels inside your home.

There are only few homes I know which grows indoor plants. Little do they know, beyond their aesthetic value, having indoor plants around inside your home has good benefits also in our health. Here are the benefits of growing indoor plants:

Serves as decorations.
Indoor plant adds life to a plain designed room. Most often, you put plants at the receiving area as a table centerpiece. The house becomes more pleasing in the eye, captures guests’ attention, and it could be one great topic to conversations as well. You can  grow your plants anywhere inside your home, in the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, on the window pane, or just place it where it fits depending on the designs of your home.

Respires and gives off fresh oxygen.
After a busy day at work and walks under a polluted air, to rest in a room where you can grasp fresher air can be quite a therapy. Plants has the power to purify the air around you naturally which helps relax your mind and body.

A new hobby.
Planting makes a great and fun hobby. Growing indoor plants can also keep you busy and at the same time makes you productive. It requires specific tasks at certain times that you often have to prepare for few months ahead. Some indoor plants needs to maintain the height and volume according to your preference. In a way, you can showcase your creativity by creating DIY planters.

Influence people.
Growing plants aim to develop awareness of everyone at home especially your kids about the importance of planting and also the proper way to take care of plants. That way, you influence your housemates to grow plants which they can also share to their friends or colleagues.