Just last month, I received a parcel from EverydayMe Ph which contains one bottle of Olay Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extract. I have used OLAY body wash before but it thrilled me to try this because it is my first time to use a body wash with whitening ingredient. I have a  dry combination skin and I need products that is moisturizing and at the same time leaves my skin refreshed all day. Since OLAY is one of my most favorite skincare brand, I am elated to try their new body wash.

Price: PHP 105.00 / 200 ml

Packaging: The product comes in a durable plastic bottle, no pump. At first glance, you may mistakenly thought it’s a lotion. You got to read the label so you know it’s a body wash.

Scent: At first, I thought it has a too strong scent, but as I spread the product on my body, the scent goes down a little bit to a nice feminine scent I look for in a body wash.

Texture: It has creamy texture just like other body wash products I have tried before. A little goes a long way so a bottle lasts a while, means you really get what you pay for. It lathers nicely on my skin, too!

Effect: It leaves skin smooth and refreshed after bath. It has good moisturizing effect which lasts all day. For someone with dry skin like me, you still need to apply body lotion though especially in drying months. I can’t say much about the whitening effect since I think I need to use few more bottles before I get the whitening result this product claims to give. But few people noticed my skin looks more radiant lately, the initial stage effect I guess! ]

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Final Say: I have to say that this is one of my favorite body wash products so far! As expected, it did not disappoint me. I like how it leaves my skin smooth after bath, and it is also very delicate on skin. No signs of irritation occurred ever since I used it. It rinses off well and doesn't leave your skin sticky. It is indeed a great value for your money since you get good results in using it. After bath, it feels refreshing and your body feels coated by the gorgeous scent. And YES, I would recommend this product to a friend.

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