Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Sometimes, you are indecisive and running out of idea when it comes to what gift to give for toddler (ages 1-3 yo) especially those without kids yet. So, if you are going to buy gift for a toddler, what could be the best choice?

There are actually few things to consider when buying gifts for toddlers; materials used (ingredients like toxic chemicals lurking in toys), size (avoid small parts), and does it encourage learning?

Here are few you can buy as gifts to toddlers:

  1. Story books - Story books with big and colorful images are attractive to them. Before bed time, my 2 year old son loves to hear stories from story books. It doesn’t really matter to them if it is the same story as last night’s. Storytelling has also got to be one of our favorite bonding moments.

  1. Playing grown ups toys - Toddlers love to imitate mommies in house chores like cooking, making coffee, or using the vacuum. Just make sure a toy doesn’t contain small parts that may be a choking hazard.

  1. Stuffed toys or pillows- Hug-gable and cottony stuff are toddler’s best friend! Most often, they keep these stuff for years since it holds bunch of childhood memories.

  1. Lego, ABC Cubes or building blocks - It can make great gifts to toddlers because it enables them to explore, practice and try out ways of tackling challenges.
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  1. Clothes / Apparel - When buying clothes for toddler, make sure you get their size. Some toddlers are too small or big for their age. Make sure it's wearable, they will appreciate it more.

  1. Musical cd’s - Cd’s which includes children songs like ABCD, Count 123, and Twinkle, twinkle, Little Star. It allows to develop comprehension and listening skills. Parents love to play nursery rhymes as music background while they play to entertain toddlers and encourage learning at the same time.
  2. Kid’s swimming pool / inflatable swimming pool - This is something children will really enjoy most especially during summer. They just love to play in water and enjoy the pool outdoor.

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