My full-time job, taking care of the kids, and at the same time keeping the house clean every day force me to develop two very important survival skills. One is multi-tasking, and the other one is time management.

Learning how to balance time is crucial, especially for a mom with a toddler and an 8-year old. It takes a lot of analysis, trial and error, at least for me. I guess there are moms out there who are born with talent to organize everything in place with just a snap, and moms like me will wonder ‘How on earth you do that?!’ I feel the need to confess that it took years for me to be able to cope up with ‘Work At Home Mom’ daily tasks. It was never easy. There are a lot of times I feel failed. I just happened to be so lucky to have a very understanding husband who fulfills duties for me when I can no longer function at sometimes. Our monthly income is just enough for our expenses so we cannot afford to rent any house help for now. We can only count on each other when it comes to home related matters.

I found a perfect way to help me out not to forget tasks, also to put and everything organized to be able to do all that’s needed to be done. Schedule activities and stick to it. Of course, you need to also have a back-up plan just if in some occasions, sudden change of plans take in place.

I made a printable Daily Tasks Schedule and fill it up with the daily activities I have for the day. This is to also remind me of the activities I need to do in a given hour each day. It helps a lot to organize my daily tasks, use my time efficiently, and allows me to pardon from wasting time in doing unnecessary or unplanned tasks (which I admit doing a lot before). I usually start the day by planning on the activities and writing down to the Daily Schedule Table.  Ever since I started using this Daily Schedule Table I get to learn how to spend time wisely.

I made it downloadable so you guys can download and use it as well. You can have it printed by clicking the photo or click here Daily Tasks Schedule