To keep track of personal finance simply and efficiently, one needs to construct a healthy finance.  Budgeting - let's admit, this is where most of us fail. Budgeting is one of the toughest most especially if you don't have a fixed regular income, or even when your income is less than your endless list of expenses. There are days you are stressed out thinking how to make ends meet. Still have few days left before you receive your salary yet the money left in your wallet can no longer keep up through the day.

SET A GOAL - If in the past months, making both ends meet has become impossible, that means a change needs to take place. Set a goal, know your priorities  and make it happen. The discipline starts in you, on how and when you want change. Knowing your priorities allows you to focus on the most necessary aspects in your life.

CALCULATE TOTAL INCOME - This is the easiest on all the steps. How much do you make in a month?

LIST EXPENSES - Get a pen and paper, jot down all your monthly expenses like food, shelter, electric bills, groceries and the list goes on. Then, set budget for each expense category. Setting up a budget on each expenses means you set limit in how much is needed to spend.

PRACTICALITY IS THE BEST POLICY - You need to stop spending money on things that are not necessities. Control yourself from spending on unimportant things like vices and unnecessary shopping. Consider the costs of habits such as smoking. In grocery, select products that are reasonably priced.

ANDROID APPLICATIONS - Luckily, there are numerous useful budget applications handy which you can download to your android phone to make your money management easier like eZ Budget, Budget Tracker, Money Manager Expense & Budget, My Budget Book, and Wallet - Budget Tracker.